20 Mobile apps every marketer must have in their phones


In today’s world, approximately 95% people use smartphones. It is not possible to carry a laptop everywhere and because of this we couldn’t able to do the things that can be done on our laptop. Sometimes we need to post an important article on our website but you don’t have your laptop. We carry our mobile phones most of the time and at that time sometimes we need to do online marketing like on Facebook or any kind of platforms then we can easily do social media marketing by the help of this small device. Nowadays every single person is available on social media platforms; we can easily promote our business by use of social media apps like Whatsapp, Instagram and many more are there.

From a bunch of apps, we have chosen top 20 mobile apps for Marketers.

#1 Flurry

In marketing, it is important to create campaigns, advertisement ads, banner, brand design and many more. Now we can advertise our business by use of Flurry app. This app is used for building and monetizing the mobile applications. It tells the marketer that how the consumer interacts with the mobile applications. It helps the owner to promote their services and products. Flurry helps owners to better understand the customer’s behavior and helps in reaching to millions of users.

#2 Evernote

This is the best app to create tasks, projects, and notes for the employees of the company. We can create visual notes, to-do lists, add reminders and we can also stay connected with our employees with the help of Evernote work chat.

#3 Facebook Pages Manager

It is important to update company pages of Facebook on the daily basis for maintaining the users or traffic. Facebook Pages Manager helps us to manage page’s messages, updates and we can easily post on our business page. It is available on both iOS and Android.

#4 Dropbox

Dropbox app is available is both Android and iOS. Dropbox is used to upload important files, videos, pictures and many more. By this, we can access our important documents, files and can share with anyone from anywhere.

#5 Trello

If we want to track the workflow of our company then Trello is the best app to manage the employees. We can give assignments, projects or tasks to our employees by using Trello and this app also provides a checklist that shows the completed and uncompleted task.

#6 Skype

Skype is the world’s best software for video and audio chats. Skype is available in Windows, iOS, and Android. By Skype, we can do video conferencing with our colleagues, relatives, business partners, dealers etc. We can also make calls to mobile numbers by paying 2.3 cents/min. We can make connect up to 25 people in one video call.

#7 Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp is the social media app that is owned the famous social platform Facebook. It is the world’s biggest social media platform where we can do chatting, video calling and audio calling. We can create groups of different people and we can add up to 256 people.

#8 HipChat

In the company, it is hard to connect with each and every employee and for that, we can use HipChat. By this app, we can communicate with every single person and can communicate if we are not in the office. Whenever someone mentions you in the conversations then you will receive notifications.

#9 Basecamp 3

One of the famous organizations like NASA and WWF prefers Basecamp 3 app for companies. We can communicate with every single person of our company by creating different groups. It consists of to-do list feature by which we can track those tasks which are completed and about to complete.

#10 Asana

Asana is the most popular app that is used in the corporate areas. Many famous companies like BBC, Samsung, and Pinterest use this messenger for work purpose. From this app, we can create to-do lists and can give assignments to our employees. Asana app is used to track the workflow in the company and we can also comment on the different tasks.

#11 Periscope

It is the best app for live streaming. It is available in iTunes and Google play store. Periscope is used to make live stream videos, we can do business meetings, motivational sessions and many more. We can share information and new updates to our team members.

#12 Wordpress

WordPress is the world’s best platform for blogging or for making websites. Many famous bloggers have made their websites on WordPress. But now we can do blogging on our mobile phone also by using WordPress app. We can upload content; manage analytics of our website with the help of this app. If we don’t have the internet connection than this app allows us to write articles and save it for the uploading in future.

#13 Plagiarism Check

This is a very beneficial app for those who want accuracy in their content or articles. This app helps us to check whether the content is unique or the content is plagiarised. It is important that our website doesn’t contain any copyrighted content.

#14 Adobe Reader

It is the famous PDF reader among all reader apps. Adobe Reader is used to opening PDF files which can contain images, chart diagrams, screenshots etc.

#15 Google Presentation

Google Presentation or Google Slides is used to make presentations on different topics for our company meetings, social activities, debate etc. We can create presentations even if we don’t have the internet access. We can also share and show our presentation on any screen.

#16 Flipboard

This app is available in both iTunes and Google Play Store. This app provides the latest news about different places and countries and by this, we can create articles and journals, and publish them on our website. We can easily share the news with our social media accounts.

#17 Feedly

Feedly is the best app to read, share and save different news at one place. We can share the important news feed to our social media accounts. This is an RSS reader and available in both iOS and Android.


When we use so many different services on our mobile device then we want an app that can provide different services at one platform, for this IFTTT (If This Then That) is used as one platform. IFTTT app brings different platform services at one place. We can connect with all social sites and the most used service.

#19 Facebook Ads Manager

By this app, we can create ads on Facebook and directly review your ad’s performance. We can also track our ads to improve the quality of content and increase more and more followers to your Facebook page.

#20 Everypost

If we want to post articles or content to our blog or social media accounts then this is the best social media publishing app. By this, we can create content at one place and post into the different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc.


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