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People get addicted to so many things but the new trend is “Facebook addiction”. Yes, people are really getting addicted to Facebook. They keep it in touch whenever and wherever possible.
A study showed that the Facebook obsession has gone so far that people respond faster to images related to Facebook sub-consciously than any other important signals like traffic signals.
People are so affected by it that they give all their priority to Facebook instead of their work, offline friends or relationships, or even their physical activities like sleep. And the biggest concern is that they don’t even feel like something’s wrong about it and to make it worse they keep posting everything online even their private matters which makes everything more complicated in their life.

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Some researches showed that the people being addicted to it are the ones who are socially inactive, anxious or not satisfied with their life so they take support of social media to make them feel good about themselves.
The craving goes so far that people keep checking their accounts every single minute even when they are working or with someone in that case their work gets affected and their friends keep complaining about not giving them enough attention which results in poor performances in both cases.
Everyone just keep posting statuses, pictures, locations…and then keep logging in to see if they got any likes or comments, if they do then its successful and if they don’t they feel ignored affecting their emotional health too.

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After all this, there’s this race of having more and more friends in their friendlists to show off their popularity in their circles. They just keep adding everyone and anyone even if they don’t know the other person leading to cyber crimes later on. And the stress of keeping a good image is directly proportional to number of friends too i.e. more friends, more stress to keep up a good image in front of them.
Using social media to keep in touch with your friends is a good thing but only in a limit. There are some articles on internet which provide some legitimate solutions for this problem like keeping the track of time while using Facebook or any other social media, going out with friends and turning off your phone, or using it on your computer to make a boundary, etc. So if you think you too are addicted then take up some time and get some help for yourself and those around you who care about you but you can’t see them because you are too busy online.

Image source: www.social-searcher.com
How To Get 100 Followers a Day on Instagram?
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