Branding and Logo is the most important part of a business or company. Without branding and logo your business can’t survive in the competitive environment. The logo is the visual identity of your company or enterprise by which your company will be identified among people. There are so many companies whose logo is very much famous such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, IBM, McDonald’s, Samsung, BMW, and Toyota. Designing a logo is not easy, if you don’t have sufficient software programs or knowledge about making a logo then you can go for free websites that offer free logo services by which you can make free logos for your company or organization.

Today we are talking about the top 10 websites that create a free logo:


SquareSpace is a famous American company that offers SAAS (Software as a service) to its users. SquareSpace provides website building services as well hosting services by which you can host your website. With SquareSpace you can easily drag & drop the elements and easily create a new website or blog. But it also provides a free logo service to its customers so that if you are planning to open a website but confused about the logo then you can get all the services at one platform. If you want a high quality design then you have to pay $10.


Logaster is a free website where you can create logos in very less time. You only need to enter your business name and it will automatically generate logo designs and you can also make some variations to it. You can download your logo for free but if you want full-sized logo then you have to pay some amount.

Logo Maker

Logo Maker is one of the famous and oldest logo maker websites that offer free logo services to their customers. Approximately 3 million Entrepreneurs prefer Logo Maker for making logos for the company. It contains over 10,000 icons by which you create a unique design and also can save millions of logos in your account for free but if you want to download the high-sized logo then you have to pay a little amount. If you don’t want to download logo then you can embed the HTML code of this logo into your website.

Design Hill

Design Hill is a decent platform which offers free logo services. Design Hill also includes some features from which you can make the cover photos for Facebook and Twitter. With this, we can also generate QR code for our product. Design Hill contains thousands of varieties of text, colors, and icons.

Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker has a vast variety of features that include over 6,00,000 vector shapes, 200 fonts, and 1,000 creative templates. It also includes vector SVG by which you can modify or make changes in your logo any time. But in LogoType Maker you couldn’t able to make changes and customize your logo because you will only get different features if you a little amount which varies from $24.99 to $39.99 by which you can select from unlimited designs and templates.


Shopify is the greatest e-commerce platform where you can open your online store or retail store by paying some amount. Shopify also provides so many tools for businesses or enterprises. But you will get these services if you open an online store on Shopify. You will get tools like free logo maker, business name generator from which you can generate your business name, QR code generator from which you can generate QR codes for your products. Here you have to enter all the required things from which you can make your own logo. After this, your logo will be sent to your business or personal email address.


UCraft is a very famous website which doesn’t only offer free logo designs facility but also we can build our website or blog with this website. With UCraft you can download web templates for your website and it has a free cloud service by which you can store your files, data, images, and videos to your cloud. UCraft contains more than 2,20,000 icons that you can use in your designs of a logo. To make a logo you need to enter your company name and can customize fonts and colors of the logo. At the end, you can download and use it on your website or company.


Canva is very popular graphic-design website that was founded in 2012. With Canva we can create attractive and unique designs. You can make business cards, email header, photo collage, presentation, real estate flyer, social media graphics, Faacebook advertisement, album cover, menu card of restaurant, poster, cover for kindle, blog graphic, Facebook cover, Instagram post, twitter post and many more designs that you can make with Canva. It has a drag and drop feature by which you can easily add designs to your logo and business cards by which you can design your own logo in very less time. It has thousands of free templates, with this you will have more choices and can design your posts, logos or business cards in a very creative manner. With Canva you don’t need to learn the picture editing software, you can make designs simply by customizing the designs. After these you can download your logo in png, jpg or pdf format.

Free Logo Services

It is the famous logo platform where you can save your logo on the cloud for free of cost. Free Logo Services contains thousands of logo templates with unique designs. You just need to first select your industry and after that you have the input the name of your company. You can choose from text-based logos, badge, icon and initial.  You can also edit the font, size of your logo and make it more attractive. After creating the logo you can also create your own business cards and place the logo on it.

Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is the best online platform where we can make free logos for our company. You want some unique design or want some creativity in your logo then you can upgrade your logo by giving $59. You just need to first go on the website of Free Logo Design and then enter the name of your company and you can select your favorite category from 20 different categories. After that you will get thousands of templates from which you can select and preview your favorite template. You can edit the logo of your company like you can change the font, color and shape of the logo.