Weekly Roundup : Social Media News and Updates

Social Media News Round up

We are back with some of the amazing new updates in the digital world and social media this week. Check out the new updates and features added to your favorite social media platforms.

Learn more about the trending and hottest new social media trends with Whizsky’s weekly roundup of Social media news and updates. 

This week’s list of #SocialMediaNews includes Twitter testing on new carousel ads, LinkedIn introduces new “Ads” tab, Facebook algorithm to give users their time’s worth and much more. Let’s Checkout.

YouTube To Show Shortened Subscribers Count Publicly

Team YouTube laid out some changes on displaying the entire subscribers number. It will show abbreviated subscribers count instead of full count publicly.

LinkedIn To Bring A New “Ads” Tab On LinkedIn Pages.

LinkedIn to bring more transparency to the advertising included new ‘Ad’ setting to the LinkedIn pages where each member can access through the pages. This new feature helps to understand and control their ads experiences.

Twitter Tests New Carousel Ads For App Install Campaigns

Twitter again trying out carousel ads, but this time with a new format that would provide those running app install campaigns with a chance to add multiple images for context.

Twitter Updates TweetDeck With Slew Of Features

Twitter announces that TweetDeck to get some much-needed core features that includes GIFs, Threads, Polls, and emoji. These Twitter features have been a part of the desktop version before it got shut down last year. But now it is going to reshape its TweetDeck with the slew of features.

Facebook Updates Two New Algorithms

Facebook is updating the Facebook algorithm with two significant changes. Firstly, focusing on the prevalence of posts from your closest friends, and secondly aiming to reduce shallow, click-bait style content in the feeds.

Instagram Is Testing An Update To Categorize The Likes 

Instagram is testing out an option where it can separate new and old likes on the Instagram posts helping users to access easily and see the latest activity by taking the parallel action on the same.