How Park Hyatt Became ‘Pioneer of Personal Luxury Experiences’ in Hyderabad.

Park Hyatt case study

From humble beginnings to becoming one of the city’s most admired leaders in hospitality, Park Hyatt is a global hospitality brand is committed to craft unparalleled personalized experiences and evolved as the ‘Pioneer of Personal Luxury Experiences’ in the city of Hyderabad.


Park Hyatt entered the highly competitive Hyderabadi hospitality space in 2012. The premier luxury offering from the Hyatt Group of hotels, Park Hyatt was facing a challenge in creating compelling communication for the Hyderabad market.

In the hospitality industry, it becomes vital to maintain a tone of communication on the global scale, whilst never alienating the audience in the area. With multiple teams, varied properties and unique F&B offerings within the same hotel, our job as a communication partner extended beyond reaching out to just the consumers but to create a seamless brand story for Park Hyatt, both internally and externally. With that, PAD and Park Hyatt began their relationship.


Park Hyatt was looking to consolidate its position as a leading player in luxury hospitality in the city. While their internal team was on their A-Game, they needed a communication partner who could help build a perception of the brand.

With multiple F&B offerings within Park Hyatt, each one with their own USPs, our job was to create communication for them and the brand itself. As an added challenge, we were given the responsibility to launch a new property for the brand as well. With a mandate that included ATL, BTL, Social and Internal Communications, we had our work cut out for ourselves in a market that was set in their own ways and not always ready to experiment with new destinations.


PAD stepped in to streamline several processes within the growing hierarchy of the team and ensure deliveries were managed with extreme seamlessness especially for periodic collaterals that involved multiple iterations and stakeholder feedback chain.

We also ensured there was a consistent style of visuals and communication that matches the brand’s philosophy and create a distinct voice through social and offline channels. Specifically, PAD constantly ensured not just seamless delivery of standard marketing material but also went an extra mile to suggest novel ways to elevate the brand.


With the high competition in the hospitality landscape, Park Hyatt continuously struggled with emerging as a unique yet impactful voice in the market that carves a niche of its own and also stays true to the pillar of luxury that the global brand stands for.

PAD stepped in to resolve multiple ongoing and new campaigns for this leading hospitality brand.

Launch of Rika  – an Oriental restaurant with spice at its heart. The challenge was towing a tight line for creating a bold and inventive essence for Rika, while never losing the Park Hyatt essence. The launch campaign was in fact lauded by Hyatt properties across the nation as well.


With communication that stayed true to the brand essence, we helped create a look for the brand that was instantly recognizable. We helped them pull off three New Year bashes by creating a unit that was synonymous with NYEs at Park Hyatt.

By maintaining consistency in communication across mediums, we created an experience for the brand and how it communicates. From easels, newsletters and menus at the location and print ads, social and digital channels on the consumer front, we created a seamless experience for the consumer.

Over the course of our three-year engagement, PAD has transcended just being the agency on record for Park Hyatt Hyderabad to become a marketing partner for the brand who understands their business, their consumers and the challenges the brand faces.


PAD has now emerged as a valuable communication partner for Park Hyatt and has elevated the brand’s online and offline presence tremendously in the last 3 years cutting through the competitive hospitality market in the city to drive engagement, sales and higher revenues for the brand.

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