10 Tricks To Drive Traffic On E-commerce Stores Without Buying Ads

10 tricks to drive traffic on e-commerce stores

E-commerce stores are exploding on the internet, attracting netizens with platter-full options introducing anxiety-inducing products beneath the tap button. To drive shoppers to their e-commerce stores, owners tend to spend handsome of bucks in various ways to entice large tract of online window-shoppers.

The online stores specifically spend more money on displaying their ads. And there is no qualm that money spent on ads will sure fill their pockets with sales. But what about the new debutants of e-commerce stores who cannot spend on buying ads at the initial stage? There are many ways; in fact, we call them tricks.

They are 10 comprehensible takeaway tricks for the e-commerce stores traffic without spending a dime on ads for promoting.

Let’s drive in to see.

10 takeaway tricks to drive traffic on E-commerce stores without buying Ads

Traffic Trick I- Do overtake the internet with a buzz

Takeaway 1- Write a signalling content

content writing for e-commerce stores

Content is the crux of the website. Be it a single caption or a blog without it your brand is nothing. Since we are talking about e-commerce stores and spending concerns, one of the best and cornerstone for reaching traffic is with content. Buzzing content is a sure shot to drive traffic to your online stores without paying or spending. Try framing buzz-worthy content by following some SEO rules.

Takeaway 2- SEO dots the I’s and cross the T’s

product keywords for driving traffic in e-commerce stores

SEO is the engine to run any e-commerce store successfully. Without SEO, online stores are dead pages falling on the second to the last in the Google. The search engine helps to fabricate your content of the relevant product or website with some rules and strategies. Make it a routine to add relevant product keywords and other measures to push your page to the first. The second best money-saving trick.

Takeaway 3- Start a Referral program or marketing

referral program or marketing

What are friends and family for? They are the best boosters to encourage e-commerce market. If you started a store online, fire up by spreading about it and tell them to spread it up and recommend to use their online store for shopping. This is a complementary factor without spending nothing. Referral marketing is another takeaway trick to steer traffic without spending.

Takeaway 4- Convince customers by upselling and cross-selling

The most useful trick to gain traffic for e-commerce stores and no business lead can say no to it. From small to big businesses use this trick to get their products sold in masses.

Upselling and cross-selling is a potent weapon to gain customers. But what is with the terms?

upselling for profits

Upselling persuades customers to purchase higher-end products. For example, sellers advise customers to buy a premium brand of alcohol when it is not specified.

Amazon follows this method precisely by telling customers to buy a set of three products at a reasonable rate instead of one product.

Cross-selling, on another hand, is to append another product. For example, asking a customer about buying ice cream with a cake for a better cost.

Takeaway 5- Show customers reviews

reviews by customers

Friends and family recommendations of your product to others will give you a minimum profit, but to get high sales to your e-commerce stores, a stranger review is also equally important. Always turn on the reviews and score to allow people to know more about the store and products. Ask them to review and rate to help increase in traffic. Now, do you think you need to spend money on this? Hope so not.

Traffic Trick II- Chaperoning your website is required

Takeaway 6- Track your site speed

website speed rate

People hate when a site loads like a sloth. We want everything in a rush and who waits for the site that takes minutes to get load. Hate it. Some of the site people never check on the loading speed of the page. If this continues, then there will be a chance of bounce rate and no profit to e-commerce stores sales. Always check whether your online store page is at a proper loading speed. Heads-up to this one more money-saving trick.

Takeaway 7- Revamp your website

revamp of website

When people re-construct their house for better maintenance and elegance, why can’t the website owners can do it? Update your site with creative clickable sections and some amazing content. Avoid old and traditional website methods that consist of arduous and lengthy content. After all first impression is the best. The source way to drive traffic on e-commerce stores.

Takeaway 8- Create CTAs

call to action buttons for profitable sales in e-commerce stores

Most of the small business does not have a clear CTAs. CTA buttons are nothing but Call-To-Action. CTAs help in driving e-commerce stores with a profitable business. Create a unique CTA to drive customers to your store. It is advisable to experiment on the colours of them to understand the differences in gaining traffic to the page.

Traffic Trick III- Knock, Knock on customers screens

Takeaway 9- Email customers abandoned cart

email to attract customers for e-commerce stores

Email is an imperative method in any business and dealings. Emailing abandoned cart will dart customers interests to repurchase it. For instance, to a better understanding, if have an online fashion store people have a habit of carting the products and leaving. So to make sure customers think of the left cart, email them with an attractive and enticing promotion of the product once again with some discounts to it.

This is a useful trick to drive traffic on e-commerce stores without buying ads for your online promotion.

Takeaway 10- Shout about rewards or discounts in the online market

discounts and rewards to drive traffic

We all love rewards and discounts more than ourselves. This tradition is followed till today to gain traffic on e-commerce stores. Major brands like Amazon, Flipkart, E-bay and a few others follow the same pattern to sell their products. This trick works by understanding people’s needs and interest and works during any season.

Well, these are some of the well-known tricks to drive traffic on e-commerce stores without buying ads for promoting.

We love to listen to your unique ideas if any. All you have to do is drop some tricks in the comment section.