5 Tips To Find Instagram Influencers For Your Business To Boom


Some businesses use Word-of-mouth marketing, while some use Influencer marketing to prosper their business. Influencer marketing and Word-of-mouth marketing has different disciplines but are interchangeable. Wondering how?! Word-of-mouth marketing uses friends and kins, leads and others to promote their brand, whereas, Influencer marketing includes word-of-mouth by nature, but not all this marketing drives influencer campaigns/promotions due to the involvement of an individual in promoting.

Instagram is a solo player that can promote your market and it is a go-to platform for availing influencers to run your brand. Influencer marketing is the growing fashion in business to promote them widely.

Do you think hiring a suitable influencer to promote your market is as simple as it looks?

I suppose NO. Because using an ideal influencer for your Instagram business is not that plain. The growing popularity of the influencers for promoting business is more. Finding the right fit for your brand business is a real cumbersome. Consumers are becoming savvier than ever making businesses challenging. All thanks to digital space!

Are you seeking for a boom in your business by hiring a right Instagram influencer for the campaign?

Today, my article shows you the strategies and 5 tips to find suitable Instagram Influencer.

1. Reason yourself why you need Influencers for your business

Nothing is hunky-dory in your business if you are in a rush to find Instagram influencers without having set a determined goal for your business. For instance, you should understand the business themes and measures to win the campaign with perfect planning and collaborations. Start a campaign by keeping both your business and influencer in your mind, and this will help you stay on-budget and elevate your brand name.

Based on the tried-and-true scenarios, one needs an influencer for your Instagram to have a powerful kick to your campaign.

  • Influencer leads to sales for your brand.
  • Helps in increasing brand awareness
  • Boost Instagram followers.

2. Right Influencer for right brand promotion

Not every influencer fits in the shoes of your brand. Suppose if your brand sells online cookies and pastries, hire an influencer who has an appetite for baking products so that the influencer while campaigning for your products/brands understands what the product is about. If you hire a model, who does not know the bakery items is a waste of time, money, and source.

The right fit will have a surefire of getting the attention of the crowd towards your brand and Instagram leading to the increase in the brand value, and it automatically generates sponsors, name, and fortune widely. An honest-to-goodness always gives you a fruitful source.

3. Influencers size matters to your Instagram brand

Influencers are of two types- Macro and Micro influencers. It is always sensible to hire the right influencer for brand promotion. If you have a fixed budget for your product, it is always advisable to engage a micro influencer having less than 10,000 followers on Instagram. Sometimes to have a good start for your product these micro influencers can become an excellent score to drive large mob to your business page.

On the other hand, one can hire macro influencers with immense fame and following to boost the brand and gain widespread exposure by telling about the brand story, rather opting to promote a single product.

4. Regular Instagrammers and Hashtags

Regular Instagram users and Hashtags are the second best influencers to your brand.

Nifty, right!

Explore the Instagrammers who use your brand and hashtags to promote your product. Hashtags are the kind of SEO to your brand. It is necessary to go with the moderate hashtags instead opting for high-density hashtags. For example, if the hashtag like #generic contains nearly 22,00,000 posts, it is challenging to find your product in the piled posts. Choose the hashtag with not bulged with heavy posts to make your brand visible. Say something like #genericcontent.

5. Good rapport with Influencer

It is always the best idea to maintain a rapport with influencers always pays off. Instead of having a one-off drama with the influencer, it is always advisable to collaborate with the Instagram influencers to gain a real brand image among the consumers. Longer relationships with the influencer lead to the more sensible creatives. Respect the idea with the gentleness of the influencer to reap the best results for the business. Never degrade the creative side of them because they are well versed in their sphere.

Follow these simple yet main insta-influencing tips to have a win-win situation by orchestrating strategically.