5 Things Most Followed LinkedIn Company Pages are Posting. Are You?


Recently Linkedin has published a new listing of the ten most followed company pages on the platform. Here is the list.

The top ten most followed LinkedIn Company Pages:

  1. TED Conference with 12.5 Million Followers
  2. Google with 12.1 Million Followers
  3. Amazon with 8.6 Million Followers
  4. Linkedin with 8.2 Million Followers
  5. Microsoft with 7.8 Million Followers
  6. IBM with 6.4 Million Followers
  7. Unilever with 6.2 Million Followers
  8. Nestle with 6 Million Followers
  9. Accenture with 4.4 Million Followers
  10. Facebook with 4.4 Million Followers

Not only the Linkedin listed the most followed company page, they also also included a collection of key pointers for brands looking to maximize their LinkedIn presence, based on the performance of these top organizations.

So lets see the things these top companies are doing:

#1 More Video Content

Linkedin says “video content is heavily infused into the content mixes for these LinkedIn Pages, and these posts invariably tend to rank among the top performers”

Short runtime video with attention grabbing content goes a long way on Linkedin. The platform is also offering live streaming now for brands to utilize.

#2 CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) Posts

The companies which regularly posts on social responsibilities and other society based issues helps them establish better connection with their on-platform communities.

#3 Share Your Values

As per Linkedin “people want to follow, and do business with, organizations that share their values. Equality is top-of-mind for many in this regard, and several of the companies above are making their enlightened stances on these matters clear continually.” 

#4 Tell More About Your Team

LinkedIn says that these Linkedin pages also shows expertise of their employees time to time, which helps to establish connection with users. This not only help them attract new talent but also giving a face to brand helps connecting them to the users.

#5 Showcasing innovation

Last but not the least LinkedIn says sharing company’s progress and plans which helps you position as leaders in their field. By presenting the industry leadership on LinkedIn, you further solidify your position respective sectors.


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