5 ways you can make most of Facebook and Instagram stories


Facebook and Instagram are the biggest social media platforms where you can share pictures, videos or stories. Stories are becoming more popular among people as they are used to interact with users and customers for the better awareness of brands. In today’s world of competition, it is important to fully aware of the latest trends in the marketing field. Nowadays companies use social media as the marketing platform. Like you can create a marketing campaign of your product and can promote it on Facebook and Instagram. With this, we can increase the engagement of audience and it will be better for the growth of your brand. Today we will talk about the 5 ways by which we can make most of Facebook and Instagram stories.

Show a day of your company

People are always eager to know about other’s life or if someone wants to work in their dream company then he/she looks for the working environment or they look for how the office looks like. If you are a business owner then you can share stories about a day in the company and in this, you can either take pictures or can simply make videos to post on Instagram stories. There are many Entrepreneurs who post their daily life that how the work is done in their company and the schedules of a day.

There are many famous restaurants who own Instagram account for promoting their delicious foods like ACE Bakery, Ava Gene’s, Brother Jimmy’s, Bittersweet Pastry Shop & Café, California Donuts, ChikaLiciousNYC, Chomp Kitchen & Drinks, Davio’s Restaurant and Deep Ellum. They use Instagram to show the insights of a restaurant and also share pictures of their food items, and they also share sort of videos of new inventions in making dishes in the very different way. By this, they can promote their business on a large scale. You can also ask customers to post pictures and tag their restaurant in the description. If you want to record video then you need to hold down the button to record a video of different operations of the restaurant and if you want to take a snap of your dish then just tap the middle button. After this, you can add a description to it like about the dish and the restaurant, and you can also edit your pictures by adding some filters to it.

Post Small-Articles

Nowadays companies use small or mini content to promote their services and products. You can convert your long content into a small description with use of call-to-action phrases. Like if want to promote your articles with the help of Instagram stories then first you need to post mini-articles on the stories with using a phrase like ‘for more go to this link’ or ‘swipe up for full story’ and can redirect users to website. Companies which made handmade item or restaurants or who made household products make Instagram stories to promote their services in different countries with one click. There are many famous magazines like Foundr who publish and promote their articles by posting Instagram Stories. If you are promoting about some gadget or the article is long then you can also add upto 100 post on Instagram stories. With this, you can easily increase audience on your website.

Can share in two ways

We can share our Facebook stories in two ways i.e directly with some friends and can share with everyone by posting your story publicly. According to a website, currently, there are over 4 million Facebook advertisers who advertise their brands and products with their business pages. With this, you can make some posts confidential like if you want to share your story with a particular person then you can directly send to their profiles. It is better to promote your business with every person and for this, you can send stories to every customer on their personal profile because sometimes people don’t look on the stories so to target them you need to send stories to their profiles also. But it takes too much time to send stories and updates to every single person but with this, you can build a strong relationship with audience and customers.

Use filters for brand awareness

There are so many filters which are present in Facebook and Instagram and by using filters you can spread your brand awareness among people. There are many filters which are present in both the apps like face filters. Nowadays companies launch their own brand’s filters to promote their brands and products. We can take the example of movies like Avenger when its date was released then they has made their own filters and add them to different social media. With this they have done pre-promotion of their brand and also it helps companies to expand their customer reach which leads to increase in influencers on their website or company.

Redirect to Facebook Events

Facebook events are very popular these days. It is the best way to interact with the audience and can easily advertise your product and services. Have you ever heard about linking the Facebook Live with Instagram Stories? Yes, we can connect these platforms to promote our live events. We take the example of Food Network that uses Instagram stories to advertise their Facebook live videos about how we can make gelato roses. They simply use one Instagram story that contains a picture of gelato roses and then entered a text that contains a link of Facebook live video by which people can learn about how to make gelato roses. If you want to promote like this then first you need to give the brief about the dish like when it is going to be held and just paste the URL of your Facebook Live video so that people will directly go to your Facebook live video and with this, you can promote your restaurant. Social media is the best way to promote your business or company. If you are an owner of a software company then you can promote your software by showing the working and tell about the importance of that software in the market. With this, you can promote different social media platforms by using a single platform.


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