6 Reasons Why you should start using Bots in Your Business Strategy


Now that the whole world has recognized the power of Artificial Intelligence and how it can reduce the human effort and increase the productivity. When it comes to marketing automation is a powerful tool that allows you to get more done in less time. Many businesses have already started using bots to automate thing like customer engagement through Facebook messenger chatbots.

What is a Bot?

A bot is basically a small piece of code or software which can carry a certain amount of action you wish it to perform for you. Bots not only saves your time but also helps you to complete tasks more efficiently. If a bot is programmed correctly, you don’t have to worry about human error. There are several ways you can include bots in your digital marketing strategies we will discuss top 9 of them in this blog post.

#1 To Engage Website Visitors

Suppose a visitor comes to your website and want some more information about the product or service before buying and there is no one available to answer these question. Bright chances are you will lose that customer which a true marketer would never want.

Chat bot used for customer support in ecommercd

We know your priority is to help your customer, but that can be a tough task if you have a small business and low manpower. Well, in this case, Bots can save your customer. Bots give you an easy way of creating a messaging environment without needing a devoted sales reps. You can set up a bot to emulate live chat and talk with your customers but we have seen that customers prefer messaging more to email or phone.

Tips To create perfect chatting bot

  • Make sure your bot sounds like a human.
  • Your bot should not sound too stiff

#2 Bot can do Research Work for you

Every time you start something new, be it launching a product or writing a blog you need to do a ton of research work and we all know how painful it is. Bots can take away that pain very easily from you and if you are worried about the quality you will be surprised to see the results, Bots and can do research work much better than us humans.

chatbots for researsch

All you have to do is to so add a bot like GrowthBot to your Facebook Messenger, and Twitter and the bots will do all the work for you. Bots will boil down all of the statistics and numbers to its core purpose and will find out what people think of an idea, product, brand or way of life. It’s about getting to know a group of people.

#3 Bots can Manage your Leads

We often use high complex tags to see where is our customer in sale funnel. But bots are ready to take these responsibilities of yours. Managing leads are never easy it requires lots of nurturing and while it’s worth the result, it’s also pretty tiring. Bots can do that work for you surprisingly well.

lead managment with bots

Example of Such bot is Driftbot by Drift and these bot works really well if you use live chat (with a real person) alongside the bot. The bot handles the grunt work of bringing the lead in and finding the right product or service for them.

#4 Bot can track the performance of your employees

Keeping track of your team’s performance and work on a daily basis is an important part of your business strategies. There are bots like Standup Bot and NikaBot available to get everyone on the same page and reduce the friction between employees and help you do everything better.

Chatbots_helping teamwork

These bots allow you to track what everyone on your team is doing and keep everyone up to date with each other. It does not matter what is your team size keep everyone in sync can make your team better.

#5 Improve User Experience of your Website

The days of hard selling are gone long way back, if you are not giving customized experience to your customer, you could be losing out to your competitors. Many businesses are using chatbots that take data from your users and turn that into a personalized experience.


For example, CNN’s bot sends customized news feeds to users based on lists of options. The bot has become really popular and it’s a top newsbot that’s gotten a lot of attention. The idea behind the bot was to present the user with a series of options. The bot will then bring up results based on what the user chooses. You can also ask for the user’s details, such as their name, to give an even more personalized experience.

#6 Bot can Sell products for you

Yes, it is truly possible you can create a bot to sell products completely on its own. The bot interacts with the customer to find the right product, and the customer can even head to the checkout right from the bot interface.

bots selling products

Clothing Company  H&M uses a chatbot to sell items on the messaging service Kik. It asks standard questions like age, gender, and style preferences, but it’s also a conversational bot. Once you find a piece of clothing you like, you can go right to the H&M site from the Kik app.




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