[App Review] DocsApp- The Virtual Doc In Your Palm 24×7


It is 2019 anything is made possible. Everything is made avail under the tip of our hands without breaking a sweat. Be it an online shopping, groceries, ride and even medical consultation every single chore is made effortless. Hail to the technology!

Today’s app review is about an online platform which helps patients consult doctors through online chat and call 24/7. Most of you might be vexed of searching the reliable and confidant doc applications for easy consulting of a medico when needed, even responding at late nights as well. No worries “DocsApp” is the trusted application for all your medical queries.

About DocsApp

DocsApp is a mobile-based medical consultation platform that provides instant and private consultations from top experienced qualified doctors within 30 minutes in various specializations via chat or call from the location of their convenience on the mobile in India. The app provides specialist doctors in every specialty.

Satish Kannan (L) and Enbasekar D (R)

The DocsApp is launched in 2015 in Bengaluru by Satish Kannan and Enbaseker D. With an aim to provide quality healthcare accessible to all; they ideated the concept. The app is most useful to the time-crunched busy professionals, who hesitate to visit specialists like psychiatrists or sexologists and people who stay in remote areas without any access to the specialists.

Is it useful for chronic complaints?

The application serves as a solution for primary health care that provides a second opinion on chronic complaints like cardiac ailments, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, etc., giving you the access to the standard medical consultation.

Specialization categories

The online medical app provides consultation services for patients of all age groups in the critical areas like Gynaecology, Dermatology, Paediatrics, Sexology, General medicine, Psychiatry, Weight management and lot more.

Users can benefit the tech supported and round-the-clock services in multi-languages. Surprisingly, the app facilitates medicine delivery and lab tests.

Working of the DocsApp

All you need to do is install the app by entering the details and then swipe to the specialists you want to chat or call with no hesitant.

  • You can ask a string of questions regarding your health conditions.
  • Appoints online doctor as soon as you request, say like a minute.
  • Online payment is available as a consultation fee.
  • You can chat or call a doctor and even talk privately.
  • You can run diagnostic tests at home where the samples collected from home and reports will be delivered on the App itself.

DocsApp does not provide any appointments with a doctor, instead talk to a doctor online.

DocsApp received excellent recognition among the users for its services and in-home facilities and clocked over 5M users using the app every day. The platform has raised $8.4M with 6 investors to the company with a total $2M annual revenue of the company. The online medical application competes with icliniq and First Opinion.

Whizsky Score

After digging deep about the application, I score the DocsApp 3 out 5.

The standout feature of the app is it there is no need of making any appointments for consulting a doc. Best for the people dwell in the remote areas. Can shoot as many as queries related to medical health condition without any hesitation. Round-the-clock service is provided like no other healthcare offers.


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