Be A Brand Marketing Guru with Essential Logo Creation Tips


Establishing your business brand either as a small venture or as a large company is quite challenging, so everything should be crystal clear and handled properly from scratch in order for it to become a crowd-pleaser.

Knowing about marketing strategy is crucial in the digital market world if you want to make your brand stand out from the crowd – and a business owner should know the essential elements to develop a brand.

Some of the common yet essential cliché “elements” to improve your brand and marketing strategies include:

  • Knowing of Inbound vs. Outbound marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Leverage of social networks and their techniques
  • Local advertising
  • Search engine marketing
  • Partnerships

As we know, these are the primary initiatives of brand marketing, but there is another element that is very important and plays as a solo player known as “Product Branding”.

Is Product Branding Essential for Your Business?

Yes, of course! Product branding is a stand-alone element to catch the eyeballs of the audience and make a brand be remembered forever.

Top brands like Coca-Cola and Nike are the uber-cool examples for product branding. Suppose that you are in the middle of a conversation and someone simply says “just do it” – the first thing that strikes your mind is the Nike advertisement.

Likewise, other brands should also make efforts in order for their product to be remembered wherever and whenever people talk about a certain topic, just as it is for Nike and Coca-Cola. These two brands were able to set an emotional response between the audience and their brands whenever their “symbols” are seen.

To make sure your product is a word of mouth advertising all you need to do is to tell your brand’s story to the world by:

  • An eye-catching Logo
  • Dazzling website
  • Memorable tagline
  • Entertaining packaging

These are the pillars of product branding that are going to make people talk about it.

Be a Master in “Logo” Creation

The foremost thing the human eye observe is the product’s logo. Logo adds value to your product, so make sure your product is known clearly by it.

Even for your dazzling website or your tagline to be remembered you need to create a logo which defines your brand. The logo is a symbol of your product, so whenever people look at it they should be able to identify your product and brand.

Mini-guide to Design an Imposing Logo for Your Business

The presence of a logo for small to large businesses is prominent and inevitable. The logo is the heart of branding and represents the essence of your brand’s persona. It is a crucial element to make your product brand biz.

Nowadays creating a logo is not a difficult task anymore since you can find enhanced tools in the market that allow you to create your own logo, such as the Wix Logo Generator.

1. Understand What Makes a Logo Look Appealing and Catch People’s Attention

After selecting the platform for creating your logo you need to focus on a few key principles while doing it. The logo should be:

  • Simple
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate
  • Timeless

2. Do Justice to Your Brand

Always have in mind that a logo is a crucial element that impacts on a brand and its products. Your logo should be a visual signature that will reflect your business.

People should identify your logo and quickly associate it with your business name, so make sure that the logo is conceptualized and do not rush making it look gaudy.

  • Color Palette: Choose the color that suits your brand with the minimal colors that look pleasant.
  • Fonts: Design a clear font of your product and make sure that the audience can read it quickly and clearly.

Do not mess with the background of your logo by making it too loud and noisy – your audience can easily get irritated just by looking at it.

3. Look for the Exact Inspiration

When you choose your brand’s logo make sure it is suitable for your brand. For instance, if you got a clothing brand make sure to use a logo that suits this industry; if your product is related to food, then create a logo that includes the green color and that is simple.

4. Highlight Your Name

Logos have 2 main categories:

  1. Iconic or symbolic– Relies solely on graphic design. Only a limited number of important companies use it.
  2. Logotype– Still uses graphic designs but highlights the brand’s name along with the logo.

Taglines under the logo should be catchy, simple and fun to read just like McDonald’s “I’m loving it”. Make a memorable and timeless tagline that people will talk about for years.

Famous Logos and Their Designs for Inspiration


The world’s renowned online market place Amazon has an orange arrow within its logo, which represents that the company sells products from A to Z. The arrow also represents a smile with a little dimple on the side, to kindle the happiness of customers who buy their products.


The company’s famous logo needs no introduction. Nike’s “swoosh” represents a Greek goddess that personifies victory (and not a checkmark as many people think).


The trending photo-sharing app had plain, tan and brown colors on its logo in order to relate to their initial audience of photographers. Over the years Instagram’s logo has changed to include more colors, which symbolize the diverse audience this sharing platform has nowadays.

Logo Trends that will be a significant impact in 2019

They say new year brings a chance for a new start. As a business owner, the “new” means new ideas, products, logo or website. There are many tools that help you create a logo, but it’s important to understand what makes a good logo and to create one that fits the digital savvy world.

If you are looking to create a new logo and make your audience emotionally feel it, here are some of the logo trends you need to watch out for in 2019 and apply them the right way:

Text boxes

The best way to grab an audience is to create a text box highlighting your product’s name with simple design and opacity.

Handwritten fonts

Handwritten fonts represent the true classic and they never go out of the style.

Illustrations as letter substitutes

The latest trend is using illustrations as letter substitutes – you can replace letters (one or two) with an illustration related to your brand to lure the audience.


The whimsical style plays on mixing an array of shades and tones of color – start with darker tones and gradually fade them out.

There are other logo trends such as using circles, fine line logos, hand imagery and so on that also have a significant impact on the final result of your logo. Some of them might be old creative logo designs, but they still look classy and last forever.

Here is an illustration video from Wix to help you understand brand creation in 5 minutes:


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