Best Handpicked Influential Books To Refine Your Business Methodology


Books are man’s best friend! There are many reasons to say so. Even in this digital period, books are the source to take critical steps in developing any forms. Piles of books have been published regarding various categories and motivates us to start something new. One such class which needs a continues motivation to re-define and refine is “Business and marketing”.

To start an idea or to run the business, a businessperson should need a continuous motivation to be focused and adaptable to techniques(Business) and exploring the right product by understanding what is best for the customers and what’s the need of it. In short, trying to be in the customer’s shoes to know more about their needs.

Books are the best influencers to the business to find answers to the “how-do-you”. Here are some of the best influential books to refine your business methodologies by connecting dots without any hassle and winning the race.

1.Connect The Dots: The Inspiring Stories of 20 Entrepreneurs Without An MBA Who Dared To Find Their Own Path – Rashmi Bansal

The book aims at the idea of strong will against wit and boosts people’s morale in their dreams and hard work. The book is about the passion to succeed. The author incites the readers to mark every step taken towards success.

2.Dhirubhai Ambani: Against All Odds, A Story of Courage Perseverance and Hope, Foreword by Mukesh Ambani – A G Krishnamurthy

The book is a collection of stories about Dhirubhai against all the odds. And it is all about his life and success giving us the courage to dream.

3.Dream With Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey – Ronnie Screwala

The book takes us to the details of what it takes to start, build and scale businesses in India and how the business setup is changing. It represents a prominent account of what role entrepreneurs play in the future of India.

4.Storm the Norm: Untold Stories of 20 Brands that Did it Best – Anisha Motwani

This book is the first-of-its-kind collection of truly inspiring stories about brands and businesses from India that brought unprecedented change and vibrancy.

5.Who Will Cry When You Die: Life Lessons from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma

The book is all about the author’s experiences and inspirational wisdom about living life and overcomes the fears.

6.Stay Hungry Stay Foolish: The Inspiring Stories of 25 IIM Ahmedabad Graduates Who Chose To Tread A Path of Their Own Making – Rashmi Bansal

The book seeks to inspire young grads to look beyond placements and salaries.

7.Corporate Chanakya Paperback: Successful Management The Chanakya Way – Radhakrishnan Pillai

Chanakya is considered as one of the most brilliant, tactful and shrewd economists of the Mauryan Era. The book sectioned into three parts- Leadership, Management, and Training.

8.IIMA – Economics of Day to Day Life: India’s Bestselling Business Books Series – Satish Y. Deodhar

The author in this book stresses the needs of having a clear demarcation on the different functions carried out by every institution. It also showcases the various features of Economics.

9.Network18: The Audacious Story of a Start-up That Became a Media Empire Hardcover – Indira Kannan

The book ensembles a group of talented professionals and rank beginners who launched one of India’s earliest start-up success stories.

10.Romancing the Balance Sheet: For Anyone Who Owns, Runs or Manages a Business – Anil Lamba

This book helps a business firm to understand how important is finance and what profit means. It assists you to read about the Balance Sheets and deploy Funds intelligently.

Pages might fade, but the words what we read in it never gets faded. There are many influential books on business and its marketing strategies, but these are some of the handpicked books for 2019 to make your business be on track.


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