Facebook’s Reforming Chatbot Permissions For Subscription Messaging


Facebook is making changes to chatbot permissions for subscription messaging.

To send subscription messages will have to be accepted at the Page-level instead at the app-level. So, Chatbots sending subscription messages have an option to transit from app-level to page-level permissions until December 31, 2018. The changes do not apply to standard messages.

Difference between Standard Messaging Vs. Subscription Messaging

The crucial differences between the two messaging types are that; subscription messages can be sent outside the 24-hour messaging window which applies to standard messages. They contain news content and cannot include promotional content. Personal trackers and Productivity apps use subscription messaging.

On the other hand, Standard messages contain promotional content. They can be sent during a 24-hour messaging window that can be reset anytime the person sending a message to the business.

Know what is ‘Changing’

Initially, the app-level permissions to send subscription messages were granted. There is no need for any permissions if you are using a chatbot service provider which was already approved to send subscription messages.

So, after December 31st permission to send subscription messages is likely to be granted at the page-level. This means every single Facebook page sending subscription messages to have to go through an approval process.

Steps to send subscription messages by Facebook pages

  • Click on Page Settings and Messenger Platform.
  • Go to the Advanced Messaging Settings section under Subscription messaging by tapping on the Request button.

A virtual form is displayed on the screen asking for the below snippets:

  • A brief description of how your page uses subscription messaging.
  • A test message.
  • A screencast showing how people will start a conversation.
  • Samples of subscription messages sent by a bot.
  • Which of the three subscriptions messaging are eligible to use cases that apply to the bot.
  • Finally, a confirmation the bot sends as non-promotional content and by abiding by the Facebook policies and community standards.

After December 31st, Facebook pages that do not go through the application process will not be able to send subscription messages.


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