Facebook’s Security Tips for People Working from Home

Facebook WFH Tips

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as people work from home, account security and keeping their data safe online are among the essential things that get overlooked. To fight this, Facebook published some tips for users that will help them secure their accounts and ensure their data is not vulnerable while they work from home.

Let’s have a look at these tips:

Protect Your Passwords

It’s a good practice to use a different password for every account that you create online. Using the same password everywhere can become a security threat. Think about it, if one of them is cracked, the attacker can access all of your accounts if you have the same password on every account on the internet.

Turn on Login Notifications

Turning on login alerts can help you get notified as someone tries to log in to your accounts. This is a handy feature that you should always opt-in for. Whenever a platform will notice someone is trying to log in from a device or browser that not saved, you’ll get a notification or alert via email or a message about the same.

Facebook Tips

Review Logins

It’s important that you close all your past sessions from your computer and devices. Always keep your phone number and email ID updated in your account, in case you forget your password, these will come on handy while trying to recover your account.

Watch Out For Phishing & Scams

Stay away from suspicious messages or emails that ask for your personal details or money or someone claiming to be your family member in an emergency. Always report these sorts of messages. Facebook will never ask you for your password via email.

It’s important that we keep ourselves safe from the virus out there as we work from home. But it’s also important to keep our accounts safe from the ‘virus’ online.


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