How to improve your Facebook news feed visibility?


Facebook marketing works, but only when done the right way. Don’t take Facebook for granted. You might think that whatever you post will be seen by all your fans and followers. Wrong!

Recently, Facebook has introduced a new algorithm, according to which, the content you post will be will visible not to one and all, but only to a set of targeted people.

Let’s take a look at the top ways how you can boost the newsfeed visibility of your post:

Make your Posts Engaging:

Try posting something that will encourage maximum fan engagement and participation. For example, polls and contests on a Facebook fan page attract a lot of people and it takes no time for them to go viral. Facebook prefers highlighting the most active posts at the top of the newsfeed. Therefore, wrack your brains and create posts that are unique and enticing. I repeat, don’t take Facebook posts for granted and post just about anything. To get the best results, you have to let your creative juices flow and come up with posts that your fans will truly enjoy.

Attractive Link Preview:

When posting a link update, a lot of people remove the automatically generated image and blurb and post just a simple clickable link. However, I would suggest making your link status a little attractive. However, that doesn’t mean you will completely potter the default link preview format. Just make it a little different so that it attracts the attention of the right audience. Definitely, if your link preview is eye-catching enough, it will have a higher chance of getting clicked. Although Facebook selects an image from the source site, but it will be better if you add a separate image for Facebook promotion. Remember, your ultimate objective would be to get maximum number of click-throughs for your link. So, do all that you can to get your link status noticed and make it click worthy!

Frequency is the Key to Success

As per the new algorithm, Facebook tracks every fan engagement and interactions, profile views and likes. Based on this tracking, Facebook gives a particular post or page a boost in its visibility. Don’t make the mistake of posting once in a blue moon. If your posts are not seen enough by your fans, you will not be able to achieve the desired rate of fan engagement.
Thus, at the onset, set a realistic goal and decide the number of posts you would want to publish each week and at what intervals. Even Facebook will love the fact that you are serious about your posts and updating your pages regularly. For this purpose, try using the Facebook scheduler, which will help you in keeping track of your weekly posts.

Add Value:

Remember to create posts that add value to your fans and followers. Facebook will surely find out if you publish rehashed content. Refrain from using link baits. However, linking to news sites and to other authority sites is a good idea.
Remember, posting your updates is not the end of the game. Monitor your posts daily and analyse which type of post yields the best result. This will give you a fair idea of strategizing your future Facebook marketing plan.