How To Improve Your Personal Branding With LinkedIn


In this digital age of the Internet, several social media platforms have grown into giant search engines, from Instagram to Facebook. LinkedIn is one of the most sought platforms when it comes to making professional connections over the internet. LinkedIn has increased over 60% in recent years. 

LinkedIn has become a giant professional-connection making platform with 740millions users and 55 million registered companies.  In the era of Digital Marketing, digital marketers must focus on strategic marketing to grow their brands on LinkedIn.  

You can become the direct reflection of your brand, and you can grow it organically with the help of LinkedIn. Your need of building a personal brand of yours is way more significant than you think.

Your LinkedIn profile should be robust and present yourself in a way that makes your brand more appealing.

Reasons to choose LinkedIn to grow Your Brand:

  • Growth is organic.
  • Growth is exponential on the platform.
  • It is a highly professional platform to grow.
  • You will have interactions with the industry leaders.
  • You will get to know about the ongoing topics across professional circles. 

Let us get to know some workable and straightforward tips to get more interactions and followers on LinkedIn.

Optimization of Your Profile:

LinkedIn is a kind of search engine when it comes to making professional connections. Your profile needs a proper optimization of itself with optimized keywords.

You need to define the keywords and tags in your profile, description, job title, and headline. The proper use of keywords in your profile makes it more visible to the companies, recruiters and general public on LinkedIn.

SEO optimization is essential for your profile to get attraction among your audience. You should try to make your profile SEO optimized as per Google keywords. You can not do keyword research on LinkedIn, but a basic search of the relevant keywords for your posts can boost your post by a significant length of the margin. 

Here are some key points to consider to make your profile professional:

  • Cover photo
  • Profile Photo
  • Headline of the profile
  • Customized LinkedIn URL
  • Personalized link to social media platforms
  • Compelling summary of your profile with professional touch
  • Experiences
  • Skill-set 

Meaningful and Professional Connections on LinkedIn:

After optimizing your profile with proper alignment of keywords, you need to start making your connection with keeping professionalism in your mind. Do not send random requests to people over LinkedIn. 

​​People with good and professional connections make a different kind of impact from other connections on LinkedIn. Your connections are part of your brand, so choose them wisely and professionally. Your connection list should include trusted friends, vendors, leaders of industries and professionals. 

Always try to include a professional note whenever you send a connection request to a person on LinkedIn. When you are connecting with someone on LinkedIn, make sure you have a reason that ensures that both of you will benefit from the connection. 

With the boom of multiple social media platforms, refreshing the feed now and then has become our habit. People consume information in various forms from social media.

You have to be visible to get noticed; the same goes for LinkedIn. As per estimates, millennials use social media 18 hours a day.

There are around more than 3 million published posts on LinkedIn. You need to show your skills with your posts; people judge you based on the quality of your posts. Do not share random posts from anywhere which have zero relevance to your profile or brand. 

Long-form content can go a long way on LinkedIn. It is a great way to reach your audience on LinkedIn. Long-form content can establish your credibility among your followers; they will have ideas and inspiration with your in-depth analysis of specific topics. 

You are showcasing your skills with your posts; the posts should be professional and to the point. With relevant and professional posts, you can see a spike in your followers and interactions on LinkedIn.

Customization of LinkedIn Feed:

Your feed should be customized in accordance with your brand and profession. You should follow the people in the same field as you with similar thought processes and preferences. 

You can have your personalized preferences for people, connections, posts and publishers. 

Authenticity on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a platform where you can grow as much as you can until you remain genuine. You should be authentic in your thought process. Do not try to be someone else, as it can backfire on you. 

Do not try to be greedy with post interactions and followers. With a mean and wrong mindset, you can drive off your audience and potential customers or followers. Always come with a positive approach and try to connect with people as original as you can. 

You have to be original and authenticated when you are posting your posts or interacting with your connections. People on LinkedIn want to interact with genuine people and have some valuable content for them and their business. 

You are supposed to make your brand more trusted and reliable on LinkedIn as you deal with industry professionals. Personal branding is the foremost step towards establishing your brand among the audience. It is a process of marketing yourself efficiently. It can take your brand and business to new heights. It will attract relevant opportunities and connections, which can prove highly beneficial to your branding strategy. 

You can find professionals from several industries at one place on LinkedIn.  You can connect with your college mates who are working in different sectors. LinkedIn is an open professional sea with millions of opportunities and relevant people essential for your brand. 


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