Instagram Testing a New Layout for Desktop Stories

Instagram Stories for Desktop

Instagram is always looking for more optimization to its services and apps across various platforms. And yet again, Instagram is testing out its new layout for the desktop version of the social media platform. The new layout should turn the stories page into a carousel instead of one story at a time. This design change is expected to enhance the usability of the app while making it simpler to scroll through stories of creators you follow on Instagram.

The carousel look of the Stories looks promising as it covers more ground and offers more content at the same time, unlike current design where a single story takes up the whole screen. This offers users a better interface to experience updates from their favorite creators without hitting back or close button, multiple times.

The Stories feature has been extremely successful on the platform, especially compared to the new feed on the platform. This indicates that stories are going to become the new norm and the news feed will slowly fade away. Even the businesses and creators use stories to share updates and interact with their audience on the platform, making news feed even more redundant.

With TikTok facing issues left and right now, it might become a great opportunity to release Stories as an individual app itself in the future. Though at this moment, Instagram hasn’t confirmed anything, and this is pure speculation, but the actions do support the idea. 

The desktop version of the app has improved significantly since last year. Meaningful additions such as direct message access, being able to cross communicate with Facebook and Instagram messages and the addition of Instagram live streams have been really successful.

These changes for the desktop app are still under testing and currently available only to select users on the platform. Instagram hasn’t offered any official announcement about the time and date when the new feature will be released to everyone as of yet.


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