LinkedIn Adds New Controls to Manage Conversations


LinkedIn is introducing some new controls that will allow users on its platform to better control who can see their posts and who is allowed to comment on these posts. On their official blog, LinkedIn explained that starting a conversation via posts can take time and even courage in some cases.

Most people expect their posts to reach as many users as possible, but further, want the right audience to see the posts to build a meaningful conversation. A conversation that might be productive and help others who read the post.

LinkedIn further clears how the audience sees a post once it is published. According to the platform, once you publish, the posts is visible to your connection in their feed and the users who follow you. This might be limited if you have changed your visibility settings.

If your post or article sparks conversation with other users, it might have the potential to become visible to other users on the platform that might not be your connections. However, it needs to be relevant, i.e., the conversations within the post need to be authentic and timely, similar to how you would have a conversation in real life.

LinkedIn further explains that some conversations are not preferred on the platform, as they might violate the platform’s policies. In such a case, it is best to report them to LinkedIn for immediate moderation.

Who Sees Your Posts?

LinkedIn already provides some resources and controls to the users to control who sees your posts. For example, when you need to control your posts’ visibility to a specific audience such as only to your connections, you can change the visibility while creating the post. Depending on your choice, your post will have a limited reach after its published.

Now LinkedIn is also offering new controls that will allow users to choose who can comment on their posts. Similar to how you can select the audience, you can limit the comment capabilities to your preferred option. And these settings can always be changed even after you have published the post. You also have the option to delete a comment that isn’t constructive enough or is irrelevant to your post.

Controls for Feed

Your LinkedIn feed should offer content that is relevant to you based on the people you follow, your connections and organization you follow, and the topics you have chosen to follow on the platform. But occasionally, you might come across content that isn’t relevant.

In that case, you can choose to hide that post from the three-dot menu on a post. This feature will also offer other controls such as being able to save the post for later, hiding the post or reporting the post to LinkedIn. Now LinkedIn is introducing additional controls that will allow you to mute a page or an individual whose posts might be showing up on your feed.

Want to See More?

When you need to see posts from creators or professionals who publish engaging content, you can choose to follow these accounts. There is also an option to subscribe to newsletters or follow hashtags that will ensure all industry-relevant information lands on your feed.

being a professional platform, the conversations on LinkedIn are important to every user. Seeing these effective new controls being added to the platform is a welcomed addition that benefits every user by finding the right posts that matter to them and their career.


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