LinkedIn Enables Users To View Sponsored Content

LinkedIn enables users to view sponsored content

LinkedIn announces users about the pages to soon features the ‘Ads’ tab showing all sponsored content run by an advertiser in the past six months.

The worlds largest employment search portal is making an effort to bring greater clarity to ads on LinkedIn.

The company says,

“At LinkedIn, we are committed to providing a safe, trusted, and professional environment where members can connect with each other, engage with relevant content, and grow their careers. Increased transparency to both our customers and members is critical to creating this trusted environment.”

LinkedIn also adds that advertisers will not be charged when users click on the ads. The Ad clicks within ‘Ads tab’ will not have any impact on a campaign report.

From a marketing aspect, this will be the most significant opportunity for the competitors. With the help of LinkedIn advertising, many marketers benefitted themselves in raising their market growth.

You may feel the option is prying your Ad tactics but do not worry, the Ads tab will show how their ads look like. It will not expose anything about how ads are targeted or the daily company budget.

LinkedIn also reveals that the show of the Ads tab is the first of many updates to come as it is thriving to cater to users with useful data about the ads.

Linked In’s new Ads tab is launching worldwide in the next few weeks. What’s more good tidings for LinkedIn users than this.

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