Meet Priyavrat Gupta, founder of to help underprivileged children.

Priyavrat Gupta

Priyavrat Gupta is a not like your regular teenager. Despite being all of 17, he is showing a maturity that is way beyond his age. Priyavrat has kick-started a unique project called GivetoMatch( to help the mass of underprivileged school children.

Priyavrat Gupta

What is GivetoMatch

GivetoMatch is an online platform that is committed to matching the needs of underprivileged children with the giving spirit of donors, who are keen to give away their used books, clothes, shoes and stationery which would have otherwise got discarded. Priyavrat’s vision is to match the needs of a million children annually by the year 2025.

Entrepreneurship comes naturally to Priyavrat, who is the son of Harsh Gupta, Managing Director of the ‘East India Udyog’ company, and Manisha Gupta, founder of Manaskriti School. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, he developed a passion for creating unique solutions quite early in life. That led him to embrace social entrepreneurship and turn his attention to education, which he believes that nobody should be denied, in his very first venture.

The genesis of the idea happened, when one day in 2017, Priyavrat was cleaning his room and started looking at the heap of his unused schoolbooks. An idea came up in his mind that maybe he could find a student who could use his books. Says Priyavrat; “I was struck by the fact that by simply not junking my old books, I could make such a big impact on someone else’s life. I was also very happy about the fact that my books would survive another year at least.”

Enthused by this experience, he did some research and found that there were various websites that facilitated the donating part but they were not doing anything to match the donated items with the needs of the underprivileged people. That’s when he decided to create a platform that could not only provide an avenue to others like him but also would match the right needs of the underprivileged children. Today, already has a donor base of over 250 people and with some smart social media marketing, Priyavrat Gupta plans to expand the reach of this platform.


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