Microsoft Ads Brings In ‘Experiment’ Feature For Testing Campaign

Microsoft brings in Experiment feature

Microsoft Ads launches a new feature called ‘Experiment’ that can enable advertisers to test campaign changes.

“Sometimes, it’s not immediately clear whether a new bidding strategy, setting, or feature is the best move for you… With experiments rolling out globally, you can now test out those campaign changes with full confidence.”

The feature helps to build up a controlled environment and to observe changes by generating a duplicate version of a campaign.

With this, Advertisers can run tests on various changes without launching them in their campaign.

Experiment feature can test the following:

  • Ad copy: It can test any messages and calls-to-action on your ads.
  • Landing page URLs: Can test different landing pages for better performance.
  • Bidding strategies and modifiers: Experiments on various bid adjustments, allocates a percentage of your campaign budget.
Microsoft Ads Experiment tab

Experiment tab is now available on the Campaigns page. Choose the start and end date to set an Experiment split.

Microsoft suggests setting its split at 50% to get better volume and make comparisons. The Experiment status column will show whether it has set up the test correctly.


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