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New Shopping and Payment Tools for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business
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WhatsApp has changed a lot since the first time it debuted back in November 2009. People have been continuously using the platform to connect with their friends and family and even manage their businesses.

The traditional methods most businesses use are slowly becoming redundant. Companies are busy spending big billions on improving their customer support; meanwhile, most people dislike being on hold, waiting too long for a solution, or being transferred from one executive to another to find some solution.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses understood that businesses need a quick and easy method to offer services and products to their customers. During these challenging times, WhatsApp has been a great medium for companies, both big & small.
According to WhatsApp, people prefer messaging a business over calls, and more than 175 million people send a message to a business account on WhatsApp every day. Their research revealed that when people contact a business via messages, they are more likely to purchase their products and services.

WhatsApp explained they have been working for more than two years on WhatsApp business app to offer a better alternative for businesses to manger their chats without any hassle. Keeping the feedback, they have received over the years, the platform is ready to introduce a few significant features that will improve how consumers and businesses connect.

New Features WhatsApp will Introduce:


WhatsApp will be bringing a shopping feature for their users, which will allow them to find and purchase the products without leaving the chat. This will especially be helpful for small businesses to recover from recent losses due to pandemic.

WhatsApp on recent announcement

Facebook Hosting Services

The platform ensures that they will be working with various business solution providers they worked with, in past two years, to offers businesses on WhatsApp a broader choice on choosing a company to host and manage their customer communications. They will also be including a new hosting service that Facebook is planning to introduce soon, that businesses can choose to host their WhatsApp messages.

The platform believes this option will be especially helpful for small to medium-sized businesses who want to quickly start the process of selling and managing their services, regardless of where their employees are.

Business Sales

WhatsApp Also mentioned that they are going to charge the business customers for some of these services, as it will allow them to keep developing these services along with the end to end encrypted messaging platform for billions of users in the world.

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