How Do You Get People To Follow You On Pinterest

Social Media QuestionsHow Do You Get People To Follow You On Pinterest
Avataredwina asked 2 years ago
AvatarHimani Agrawal replied 2 years ago

Follow others on Pinterest
As you are beginning your account it’s important to engage with others and follow new people often. When you select users to follow, be sure that their account reflects your business. One quick tip is to follow content specific boards that are to your benefit before you follow the entire users account.

Timing matters with pins
The final tip has to do with when you pin and how much you pin. Pinterest’s new Smart Feed with Guided Search has altered the way things work in terms of what your followers are seeing at times. However no one wants to sign into their Pinterest account and see multiple of pins just from you and all about you. It’s probably the quickest ways to lose followers if all you do is pin tons of pins at the same time and focus most on you and your most recent post. To keep your followers happy, be sure to spread out your focused pins throughout the day to your target audience. Facebook insights can help you discover when your readers are online, use those stats to help you on Pinterest when to pin.

AvatarJai replied 2 years ago

In my experience, infographics stand out the most.An infographic I posted on my Pinterest page was repinned more than 1,200 times. My other posts have had between 200 and 700 repins.It’s tough to find enough posts if you only pin your own content.Repinning material from others should be a big part of your Pinterest marketing strategy as well.This is also a great way to get noticed by the original source of the content and get them to follow your page.And don’t forget to edit the descriptions on your posts — add your own keywords and unique takes on the material.Did you know you can find top Pinterest content to pin (content that has already been proven to be successful on social media) right inside Post Planner?Yep, and you can pin it from right inside the app.It’s simple: you’ll get more followers on Pinterest if you follow other people.I use the Pinterest search bar to look for images, so I can get an idea for keywords to use in my Pinterest descriptions.

AvatarDeepak gautam replied 2 years ago

Verify Your Pinterest Profile
A verified Pinterest account is an important step in building your following. It’s fairly easy to do and instills trust because it confirms your account is the real deal, not a knockoff. In turn, that makes your Pinterest profile more attractive to existing and new followers.

When you’ve verified your Pinterest account, people see a checkmark next to your brand’s URL in the Pinterest profile. This checkmark especially stands out on mobile and in profile Rich Pins
Rich pins are free and let you add more detail to your pins. They’re very attractive so they really stand out in the general Pinterest stream. If you can catch a pinner’s eye with beautiful, useful content, you’re on your way to getting a new follower.

There are three types of rich pins—product, recipe and article. All of them are ideal for both brands and bloggers.

AvatarNaman Sharma replied 2 years ago

to follow or unfollow all of someone’s boards: Search for the person and visit their profile. …
To follow or unfollow a single board: Search for the person and visit their profile. …
To see who’s following you: …
To see who you’re following: …
The more you use Pinterest, the more likely it is that other people will find youo invite Facebook friends to follow you on Pinterest, follow these steps:
Go to your main Pinterest feed page. This is the page where you see all the pins from people and boards you follow. …
Click Find Friends. …
Invite friends to follow you on Pinterest.

AvatarVishal Kumar replied 2 years ago

Know your target categories and interests
Pinterest has a variety of categories and interests for users to search though. One vital thing you need to know is where your target category is. Focus on this as you write your keyword descriptions on each pin that you make.

Create board names that show up in search easily
Name your Pinterest boards when you set up your account. Select board names that people will be including in their search for pins and even online. Creating board with better click through rates is important.

Customize repins for your potential followers
A quick way to build up your boards is to search for content specific pins and repin them onto your boards. If repining them, consider altering the pin description text to match your target audience. Finding how the top 10 US retailers use Pinterest may inspire you with your pins and boards too.

Tag others in your pins or comments
Did you know that you can tag others in your pins on Pinterest? You can also tag them in your comments too.
I think this is one of most underused parts on this social platform. When you create pins, consider tagging those accounts that the site comes from. Chances are you’re already following them if you like their content, go ahead and let them know by tagging them.