How Much Is Salesforce Worth

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it does business mainly with other companies, not consumers. But its stock market value is larger than that of J.C. Penney, Hasbro and Netflix — combined.In fact, relative to the profits generates, it might be the priciest major company in America. Its shares sell for 103 times projected earnings for its current fiscal year, or several times that much, depending on how one does the math. (More on that in a moment.) The average stock sells now for closer to 15 times earnings.The San Francisco company is best known for customer relationship management (CRM) software. That’s what companies use to log customer phone calls and keep track of sales, inc. is a customer relationship management company, which provides enterprise software. Its Customer Success Platform offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, such as sales force automation, customer service and support, marketing automation, digital commerce, community management, analytics, application development, IoT integration, collaborative productivity tools and professional cloud services.Market Cap As of May 2017
$59.7 Billion