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How Pinterest Can Help Your Business

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Social Media QuestionsHow Pinterest Can Help Your Business
josephine asked 3 years ago
replied 3 years ago

Want to know, why pinterest is useful for your business? Okay just go through the folleing stats of pinterest (source- https://blog.hootsuite.com/pinterest-statistics-for-business/)
Pinterest has more than 150 million monthly active users
80 million Pinterest users live outside the U.S.
84% of people use Pinterest across multiple devices
67% of Pinners are under 40-years-old
Male users have grown 120% in the past year
87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest
72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline
83% of Pinterest users would rather follow a brand than a celebrity

So it’s clear that pinterest is valuable for your business,

Giriraj Sharma
replied 3 years ago

Pinterest is like an online pinboard—mostly for collecting visual pieces of multimedia (mostly images) But before you jump on board with everyone else, you should first understand what Pinterest is all about.

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You can create as many boards for your pins as you want, which is great for organization. For example, if you like collecting pictures of zoo animals, you can create a board and label it “Animals.” On the other hand, if you also like collecting recipes, you can create another board and label it “Recipes.”

Pinterest users interact with each other through liking, commenting, and repinning each other’s stuff. That’s what makes it such a hot social network.​

Deepak gautam
replied 3 years ago

With 200 million monthly users, Pinterest may not be a social media behemoth like Facebook, but it’s an important social platform with deep penetration in valuable demographics. Half of all U.S. millennials use Pinterest, for instance. But it’s not just young people saving their ideas on the network: 68 percent of U.S. women between the ages of 25 and 54 use Pinterest, too. And while it’s true that the network does have more female users than male, 40 percent of new users are men. If you don’t have a solid plan in place for how to use Pinterest as part of your business strategy, you’re missing out on key opportunities to reach potential new customers.People use Pinterest for different reasons than they use networks like Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest is a network where people look for inspiration, including specifically seeking out ideas about new products to buy. According to eMarketer, only Facebook outranks Pinterest in terms of influencing U.S. social media users’ purchasing decisions.

Aashish Kumar
replied 3 years ago

All of that together means that if you are ignoring this platform, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. The platform is already large and growing. Instead of “social media”, one might even classify it as a search engine. That is right! People are using Pinterest to research their purchases. If you are not pinning your real estate listings, they are not coming up in those searches. You are missing those potential sales!

What is next? How can you maximize the platform? Stay tuned for the rest of the articles in our Pinterest series. If you thought this was as easy as pinning a few pictures, you are wrong! There is, of course, an algorithm and tons of secrets to getting the most bang for your buck. We will walk you through the best practices for Pinterest over a few articles. By the end, you will be seeing a difference in the traffic to your website and pinning like a pro.

Vishal Kumar
replied 3 years ago

Convert Your Pinterest Personal Page to a Business Page
Last year, Pinterest added business pages to their offerings.

Even though there’s no obvious difference in how the page appears to users, business pages provide helpful information via the added analytics features that personal pages don’t.

Take a few minutes to convert to a Pinterest business page and learn about the analytics and metrics you can measure; for example, number of unique users, number of repins, impressions and visits to your site and content that gets the most repins.Designate Boards to Represent Your Business
It’s easy to get caught up in the casual feeling of Pinterest and lose sight of the opportunity to create boards that are reflective of your business.

Constant Contact is a great example of a business that has created a number of business-specific boards. In total, they have 97 boards and of those boards, 20-30% of them relate specifically to their brand and even have the business name as part of the board name (e.g., Constant Contact Infographics, Constant Contact Guides, Life at Constant Contact, Constant Contact Offices).

Similar to how you share content on other social networking platforms, strike a balance on Pinterest. Curate boards that share information of interest to your target audience and boards that are about your business.

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