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Avatartanieszablonyyx asked 1 year ago
AvatarChinmay Soni replied 1 year ago

Here are some tips to generate leads for business–
– Choose a right platform to promote your business
– Post your advertise on facebook and twitter rather than going for google adwords.
– Conduct contests on social media related to your products, and award exiting prizes.
– Give your close friends and relative exciting offers and coupon and ask them to share it with their other contacts.
– Make your social media page attractive and informative and keep updating your posts regularly
– Create events on social media platform for example- Twitter chats, Ask Me Anything (AMA) and other time-sensitive events on Twitter are useful for generating leads in a creative way.

AvatarYash Singh replied 1 year ago

Focus on Website SEO
Before you begin working on your website content, you need to know the SEO tools that will go into it. Use the Google keyword tool planner to help you find the best keywords for your niche market. Remember to focus on long-tailed keywords versus short keywords as you can struggle to rank for a broad keyword. Focus on the keywords that have low competition and high search frequency to help you create blog posts that are compelling, and will get noticed. Using the right SEO strategy will help you as you focus on promoting your site. The keywords you select must be added to the title, headings, content, and Meta description. If you add images, remember to include the keyword in the picture title tag and the alt tag. Promoting your website by using traditional SEO is one of the best ways to gain natural traffic and a higher ranking.

AvatarChinmay Soni replied 1 year ago

Write case studies and share stories
Share your experiences and tell your readers how you achieved certain results. Case studies keep the reader’s interest alive and give them a reason to come back to your website.

Another smart way to create awesome stories is to ask your customers if they agree for you to share their success story. You can create a blog post and talk about their achievements, and how your company/product has helped them.

Case studies are more than a step by step guide, they are storytellers.Use quality images for your posts
A good image will not only look good on your website, but it can also help you get backlinks. If your image is unique, others might want to use it on their website, and they’ll link to your website as being the source.

A good image can also increase your visibility on social media, especially on sites like Pinterest.

AvatarAashish Kumar replied 1 year ago

Create your own link exchangeby asking sites complementary to yours (but that don’t compete) to put your link on their pages and you’ll do likewise.

Hook up with webaffiliates–hundreds of sites that all link their traffic to yours–and get visitors from sites with related content.

Get active in online discussion groups and chats and always include your URL in your signature. (Don’t do any hard selling, though. Most groups frown on such behavior and will think you’re spamming the group.)

Any time someone orders a product from your site, include a catalog with their order to get them coming back for more.

Inspire your visitors to spread the word for you with viral marketing techniques, from the aforementioned newsgroup participation to including an “e-mail this link” on every page of your site.

19. Not sure what your customers want? Try creating an online surveyto get their crucial opinions on how well your site is selling to them.

20. When creating your own ads, make sure you understand who you’re targeting, the goal of your campaign, and how to creatively use the ad confines to get viewers to click on your ad, not away from it.

21. Use other selling venues like online classified advertising or online auction sites to increase exposure to your site and products.