How To Advertise On Facebook

Social Media QuestionsHow To Advertise On Facebook
Avatarbiancadalgleish asked 1 year ago
AvatarDeepak Khandelwal replied 1 year ago

1) Facebook is a very easy and cheap platform for advertising. Millions of people use and prefer facebook to interact with each other.
2) To advertise on facebook first you need to choose your goal or campaign objective.
3) Then facebook will ask you to target your audience, means to which section of people do you want to show your Ads, facebook will show your ads to only those people to whom you have targeted.
4) Facebook targets people based on following options-
5) Location
1. Age
2. Gender
3. Interests
4. Connections
5. Relationship Status
6. Languages
7. Education
8. Workplace

6) Then facebook will show your Ads at the time which you have scheduled during posting an AD.

AvatarManish replied 1 year ago

Register as a user on Facebook, if you don’t already have an account. While your event or business does not need to have a Facebook presence, you do need to be a registered Facebook user in order to advertise on Facebook.
You may want to create a new login ID, and not use your personal account. In particular, if you have someone who you need to submit receipts to, it is much better to set up a new Facebook account so that you don’t have to share passwords.Choose a category and a page name to represent your company or service. A page is a profile for your business. You don’t need a Page in order to advertise of Facebook, but most — if not all — big businesses have an established Page. On your Page, you can promote items or services, interact with established customers, and create opportunities to reach new customers..Upload a logo or picture that you want to associate with your business. Often, this is the logo that people associate with your brand.Upload a cover photo. This is the first thing that people will see when they view your business’s Page. Your cover photo spans nearly the entire width of your Page and, again, should be something that customers might associate with your business.
For example, you’re making a page for your business, Barbara’s Catered Cupcakes. You might want to showcase a close-up of cupcakes, or perhaps a picture of Barbara working behind the scenes, baking her wares.Create a sentence about what your business does.This can also be a slogan of your choice.This goes right beneath the company logo and category. Customers who come to your Page should be able to glean right away what services or products you offer based on this sentence.Begin reaching out to your customers with posts. Posts can be anything ranging from a notice of a summer sale to the announcement of a new product line. Your posts can be in the form of updates, photos, or videos. People who like your product will sometimes see your post show up in their news feed.
Set a web address for your Page. Choose an available web address in order to use on other promotional material.

AvatarAlex replied 1 year ago

Make sure you have all the information you need for creating your Facebook ad. Depending on what you plan on advertising, this can include a website URL; event times, dates or places, such as the details of a special performance at a nightclub; or a photo or logo to include with the ad.Go to your Facebook home page and on the right-hand sidebar, look for the section marked “Sponsored,” where ads appear. Next to the word “Sponsored” is a link that reads, “Create an Ad.” Click on that button.Design your ad. Note that for each choice you make when creating your ad, Facebook automatically generates a preview at the bottom of the page so you can see instantly what your ad will look like before proceeding.
Destination: Choose between an external URL (website) or a Facebook page you have created.Choose your goal. Facebook ads offer the company or service provider a lot of versatility. What do you hope to accomplish with your ads?
Select the audience you wish to reach. Don’t just advertise blindly. Advertise intelligently. Who you target in your ads could affect your bottom line. If you’re not targeting the right demographic(s), you’re taking a stab in the dark.Select whether you will pay per clicks or per impressions and set your price. You can choose to either pay per click (CPC) or pay per impression (CPM). If you don’t know exactly how you’re going to budget your CPM, you should be prepared to pay more money for CPM than CPC.
Review your ad. Make sure that all of your information is correct. On this page, you have the chance to go back and edit any part of the ad you’ve designed.
When you choose your targeting, Facebook will tell you how many people you will reach with that ad.
If you choose beer drinkers in Germany, you may find you are reaching most of the population.