How To Become A Social Media Marketing Expert

Social Media QuestionsHow To Become A Social Media Marketing Expert
Avatarbebebucklin5041 asked 2 years ago
AvatarChinmay Soni replied 2 years ago

Learn How to Automate Everything
automationOne of the most important tips for any social media guru to learn is the art of automation. Some inexperienced people in the social media world choose to manually craft their social media updates or perhaps selectively automate certain tasks. To be a true Guru, you must learn to automate every social media task at least where possible.

There are many examples of automation, some of which I cover in some of the other steps in this article. Examples include:

Automatically following people back when they follow you
Automatic retweeting
Automatic mentioning
Automated direct messages and automated posts from another social media guru’s blog
Automatic posting to LinkedIn from another Network
Sure, some less experienced social media people use some of these techniques, but to be a true Social Media Guru, you must practice them all- all the time.All Social Networks are the same – Learn How to Cross Post
social-network-updatesSome people say you should treat all social networks differently. They say that each social network have different audiences and different ways of working. Of course you need to treat such inexperienced advice with the contempt it deserves- of course all social networks are the same! OK, Twitter only allows you 140 characters, but that shouldn’t stop you! It’s important to cross post to all your social networks at once including Twitter, LinkedIn (your profile, groups and company pages), Google+ (profile and pages).

To be particularly effective you should learn to use features that don’t exist in at least one of the social networks. This used to be fairly easy until Facebook decided to introduce hashtags. Nevertheless, hashtags and screen names should be used all the time, particularly when you post to LinkedIn. The fact that hashtags and screen names make no sense in LinkedIn shouldn’t put you off- remember, to shine forth your inner Guru, you need to impress your followers and connections with all the latest techniques. Your LinkedIn followers may not have a clue what your hashtags or screen names are referring to, but they will look up to you in total awe and respect since you obviously know your stuff!

AvatarAlex replied 2 years ago

Do Your Research
Like at the beginning of any new business, putting work in to research your industry, worth and potential client base can help you in the long run. Creating a business plan helps you work through how you’ll make your money. Saying that you’ll offer consulting services is not enough.

Research your potential competitors through sites like LinkedIn, Indeed and standard Google searches. This is much like keyword researching. Who comes up when you look up “social media consultant Houston” or “social media consultant hotels?”Dip Your Toes With a Few Clients
For some people, it’s a slow transition from working at their day job while building their side hustle to being a full-time consultant. If you’re unsure if this is the job for you, then taking on one or two clients at the beginning is your safest bet. You’ll have a safety net of your current job while figuring out your ideal one.

If you’re having issues with finding your first clients, browse job sites like Indeed or Built In and start pitching. You can also network among your local freelancer group, attending social media conferences and participate in industry Twitter chats.

AvatarVishal Kumar replied 2 years ago

all the social media channels have their own native blogs where they share marketing tips related to their platform. Here is the list:

All these are great resources for, how to become a social media marketer.Another way of getting a practical experience is to undergo the certification programs available by Facebook and Google. Although Google’s certifications do not fall under the social media per se but nevertheless going for them definitely increases the chances of a candidate to get a job.Nothing beats the actual experience of running social media marketing campaigns for some brand. You can get social media jobs in some digital marketing agency or with some brand. Almost each and every company these days is investing largely in digital marketing and specifically in social media marketing.

AvatarIshita Meena replied 2 years ago

Want to be a social media marketing expert?
Now how’s that possible?
Simple man, work hard.First of all study about various social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram. Know how social media works, get some books or attend some workshops or join some digital marketing course.
After getting sufficient knowledge about social media, now its time to implement it practically.
To be an expert in social media you need to have a very big number of followers, because thats what social media marketing all about, to be SOCIAL. Invest maximum amount of time on social media, try to implement everything that you have just learned, and then only you can be a social media expert.