How To Change Your Snapchat Color

Social Media QuestionsHow To Change Your Snapchat Color
Avatarjoleencorley9 asked 1 year ago
AvatarHimanshu Agrawal replied 1 year ago

Tint Brush will help u to change the color.Turn the camera around for a gorgeous selfie or capture something absolutely hilarious the old fashioned way.Once you’ve snapped something glorious, on the right hand side of your screen you’ll need to tap the scissor icon.Once you’ve tapped on the scissor icon, underneath the icons for the magic stickers, magic eraser and backdrops you’ll find the brush icon you’re looking for.Using the color tool bar you can select what hue suits you, and use the brush to outline the object or part of the object you want to color. A color-changed snap.

Just when you thought Snapchat couldn’t get any better, the opportunities now still prove limitless, magically erased, and, of course, located on a Snap map (or not, if you doesn’t float your boat). So go get that Snap update and glo’ on!

AvatarManish replied 1 year ago

On your computer visit
At the bottom of the page under the “Community” heading, click on “Snapcodes.”
Click the “Download Snapcode” button (you will need to login in with your Snapchat username and password to access your snap code.)
Make sure you know where the folder downloaded because you will need to use a file inside it. The folder that downloads should be called “Snapcodes.”Go to
Scroll down the page and click on the “Pixlr Editor”
Click on the “Open Image From Computer” option.
Navigate to the place where you saved the Snapcode folder.
Open the Snapcode folder and select “Snapcode.png.” This will place your personal snap code in the Pixlr editor
On the left-hand side of the screen is a tool menu. Select the wand tool. Click inside the white ghost with the wand. The ghost should now have a moving outline.
Press the delete key on your computer or go to the “Edit” menu at the top of the screen and click on “Clear.” The Ghost should now be clear (gray checkered background)Go back to the tools on the left and click on the dotted square “Select” tool (second down from the top on left).
Now click somewhere in the yellow part of the snap code
At the top of the page, go to the “Adjustment” menu. Click on “Hue and Saturation”With the Hue, Saturation and Lightness bars, move them around to achieve the color you want (Ex: Changing color to Red requires tuning hue down to -41, saturation up to 100 and lightness down to -54)
Press OK when you’ve achieved the color you want.Go to ”Layer Menu at the top of the screen and click on “Open Image as Layer”
Choose a picture on your computer that you want to use. It will show up on top of your snap code.
If the size is not right, go to the “Edit” menu and select, “Free Transform.” You can now size the image by grabbing one of the corners and dragging in or out.
Once the image is the proper size, go to the right-hand side of the screen. Your image should be a small icon called “Image 1.” Grab it and drag it under the snap code icon labeled “Image 0.” The image should now be layered under the snap code.
Now go to the File menu and select “Save.” Save you edited snap code where you can find it.
You can now send the edited snap code to friends or post it on your social media page!