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AvatarSwetha asked 2 years ago
AvatarRanveer replied 2 years ago

AT this world creating a company is not a one man show. You need to have differetn teams handling their own work. Digital marketing team, startegic development team, HR team to mange your employees. Putting all these together you can have a good team and build up a good company. At the botoom you need to focus on the product or service you are going to deliver it to the customer. Maintaining a good customer feed back is crucial for a company at any stage. You should sastisfy the customer with your first priority. Because a good feed back will drive in more customers. Have 1 or 2 bad feed backs, these bad feed backs shouldn’t look like problem to the other customer. If you have all good feedbacks thenit doesn’t look genuiene to the other customer or he will get bored by reading all the positive shit. This is a tip to create a good company.

AvatarDeepika Kumar replied 2 years ago

Decide on a name that best suits your business. Then check to see if the domain name is available online, as well as if it’s free to use in your county, state and in the country.Numerous free resources can offer advice, training and assistanceNow it’s time to wrestle with the tax obligations. In the United States, four basic types of business taxes arise: income, self-employment, taxes for employees and excise taxes.Make sure that you arrange for the proper insurance for your business. This will vary according to the type of business. If you’re working from home be sure that your homeowner’s insurance covers theft or damage to business assets, as well as liability for any business-related injuries.Figure out if you’re using a cash or accrual system, determine the fiscal year for the business and set up a recordkeeping system.

Select a location that best fits the needs of your business, one that offers an opportunity for growth, the right level of competition and proximity to suppliers. It should also be accessible to customers.

AvatarPayal Soni replied 2 years ago

Once you determine how much money you’ll have to work with, figure out how much it will take to develop your product or service and create a marketing plan.You’re going to need some sort of funding to start off, whether from your savings, credit cards, loans, grants or venture capitalists. Find an investor who shares your passion, someone you believe you can work with.Whether you like it, investors do have a say in your company. And you need to listen to their advice or suggestion. But that doesn’t mean you have to do what they tell you.You’re going to be investing a lot of time and resources into your new business venture. Be certain that your family is on board. They must be aware that this process will be challenging financially and emotionally.Settle on which form of ownership is best for you: a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, a corporation, an S corporation, a nonprofit or a cooperative.

AvatarSachin Kumar replied 2 years ago

In Rome,do as Romans do.Similarly,on Twitter,do as others are doing sp on Twitter do as others are :

· 1.) to start,learn the lingo first. Tweet – a Twitter single update of 140 or fewer characters, which can include @Mentions to other users, hashtags, external links, or simply regular text.

· TweetUps – Using Twitter to meet with other Twitter folks.

· Lists – Users can organize the people they follow into lists of businesses or personalities which are related in some way.

· Trending Topics (TTs) – “Trending Topics” lists a range of subjects which many users across Twitter are talking about simultaneously.

· Promoted Tweets – A single trending topic which a company or organization can pay to ‘trend’, as to gain attention and traffic from Twitter users worldwide.

2.) Tweet. If you want to let your followers know what you are doing, type it into the ‘What’s happening?’ text box and then click on the ‘Tweet’ button. Note that tweets are limited to 140 or fewer characters.

3.) Use hashtags. Prefacing a word with a ‘#’ will create a hashtag. A hashtag makes a certain word easily searchable.

4.) Gather Followers. Your Twitter can be as intimate or as big as you choose. If your goal is to gather lots of followers, though, be sure to keep your posts interesting and relevan.

5.) Decide your own style and times for tweeting.

6.) Check the replies from your followers that are directed at you. Click ‘@Mentions’ to see if there are any replies to any of your ‘tweets’.

AvatarRavi replied 2 years ago

If you want to open your own company,then first of all you must have some basic knowledge of doing business and its rules and regulation.
Then come up with an idea, on what field you want to do your business, it can be sports, medical, educational, software etc. Do choose the field in which you have knowledge and interest.
Plan your business strategy, find out how much will be your initial investment. Then decide your audience, decide the right place of doing business, where you can get more customers.
Get in touch with some investors, which can help you building you business. Then tell your friends and families about your business, so they can promote it further, as the saying goes” charity begins at home”.
Promote your business by putting Ads and banners on public places, or in news paper and on the internet.