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AvatarALTCTRLDELETE asked 2 years ago
AvatarDeepak agrawal replied 2 years ago

– First choose a right platform to promote your business
– Post your advertise on facebook and twitter rather than going for google adwords.
– Conduct contests on social media related to your products, and award exiting prizes.
– Give your close friends and relative exciting offers and coupon and ask them to share it with their other contacts.
– Make your social media page attractive and informative and keep updating your posts regularly
– Create events on social media platform for example- Twitter chats, Ask Me Anything (AMA) and other time-sensitive events on Twitter are useful for generating leads in a creative way.

AvatarKunal sharma replied 2 years ago

Set your goals and KPIs
Marketing activities can have different types of outcomes: leads, visitors, visibility or engagement. Each marketing campaign needs to focus on one primary purpose.

Based on that purpose, you need to set specific goals and metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you determine how your campaign is performing against that goal and are helpful when creating or refining marketing strategies

For example, if your campaign is focusing on lead generation, how many leads do you want to generate and how will you measure success?Determine your offer
Depending on the campaign, your offer could be a piece of content, a free webinar, a free trial or something that attracts those looking to buy to your brand. These offers need to resonate with where your buyers are in the buying journey so that you get their attention. Offering an hour long, free webinar to people who don’t know your brand or are not looking to buy could be a waste of time. Providing a short, useful guide may be the better introduction to your brand. Be sure to align your offer with something you know your target buyer needs.

AvatarHarshit gupta replied 2 years ago

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s report “B2C Content marketing 2014 – benchmarks, budgets and trends–North America”:

– 90% of B2C marketers use content marketing (and that’s up from 86% last year),

– 44% of their B2B colleagues claim they are effective at content marketing,

– 60% plan to increase their content marketing budget,

– 67% of B2C organisations have someone in place to oversee content marketing,

– 72% of marketers report producing more content than they did a year ago

and so on.

Content marketing adoption is on the rise and the confidence in content strategies is growing.

Get the Buy In
In its essence, content marketing is simple. You create valuable content to pull customers toward your product or service, aiming to build enough recognition and trust so they will want to do business with you.