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Avatarhalinakorth004 asked 1 year ago
AvatarMahendra Pal Singh replied 1 year ago

Conduct Keyword Research While Writing Your Posts
Not surprisingly, a big part of showing up in search engines is targeting the terms and phrases your audience are actually typing into a search engine. It’s hard to know what these words will be unless you do some research, and luckily, there’s a free tool from Google to help called the AdWords Keyword Planner.Frequently Reference Your Own Posts and Those of Others
The web was not made for static, text-only content! Readers appreciate links, as do other bloggers, site owners and even search engines. When you reference your own material in-context and in a way that’s not manipulative (watch out for over-optimizing by linking to a category, post or page every time a phrase is used – this is almost certainly discounted by search engines and looks terrible to those who want to read your posts), you potentially draw visitors to your other content AND give search engines a nice signal about those previous posts.

AvatarRahul Rajput replied 1 year ago

Here are some ideas for how to get more traffic to your blog Leave thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs.
Write shorter posts.
Blog consistently.
Write less.
Be a resource.
Use trackbacks.
Organize your posts with lists and subheads.
Get on Twitter. Tweet links to your posts and other useful content.
Link out to other sites (but only ones that will help people).
Share your content on Facebook (and ask your friends to share it, too).
Write stuff people will want to link to.
Ask questions.
Be funny.
Be clever.
Be remarkable.
Request a link from someone else to a blog post.
Do some public speaking.
Write attractive headlines.
Optimize your site for search engines.
Deliver killer content.
Guest post on someone else’s blog.
Write in the second person (“you” not “me”).
Tell stories.

AvatarIqbal Khan replied 1 year ago

To promote your blog first thing you need is quality writing, you cannot write anything irrelevant or unspecific just to grab audience, you must know quality writing and what audience wants from you.
If this first thing is clear then move ahead.
Promote your bolg in social media sites, provide a link to friends and followers. Sometimes post something on other’s blog also which is called “guest blogging”, this will help you to build your followers which are out of your reach only if they like your content. Comment on other bolgs also and always provide your link in that comment. Invite people you know by sending them emails, prepare a list of email of the people you know and send them an inviting letter.

AvatarChinmay Soni replied 1 year ago

Create your brand. If you hadn’t realised it already, You Are A Brand. Yip. You you you important little you. The language you choose, the font you use, your tone of voice and your style of photography all represent you and your brand across all the corners of the sparkly tinternet. It means your followers can recognise you and your style instantly.. and consistency is key… no Jeckyll and Hydey stuff pleasey – you’ll lose your readers at ‘hello’.Branding is something which confuses a lot of people, but don’t tangle yourself up in a knot, just remember that it is all about how you want people to feel about you and your blog.. And if you feel like you need a bit of help in this department, get in touch with these chaps. . Gathering ‘likes’ is a great way to promote your blog as when someone likes your Facebook page it will usually show up in all of their Facebook friends’ news feeds… and if it sparks their interest they’ll nip over to your blog and maybe even become a loyal and regular reader. Hurruh! Here’s how to install the Facebook ‘like button’ for WordPress and Blogger.

AvatarManish Bhardwaj replied 1 year ago

Install Analytics and Pay Attention to the Results
At the very least, I’d recommend most bloggers install Google Analytics (which is free), and watch to see where visits originate, which sources drive quality traffic and what others might be saying about you and your content when they link over. If you want to get more advancedAdd Graphics, Photos and Illustrations (with link-back licensing)
If you’re someone who can produce graphics, take photos, illustrate or even just create funny doodles in MS Paint, you should leverage that talent on your blog. By uploading and hosting images (or using a third-party service like Flickr or Niice to embed your images with licensing requirements on that site), you create another traffic source for yourself via Image Search, and often massively improve the engagement and enjoyment of your visitors.

AvatarNidhi Sharma replied 1 year ago

Participate in Social Sharing Communities Like Reddit + StumbleUpon
The major social networking sites aren’t alone in their power to send traffic to a blog. Social community sites like Reddit (which now receives more than 2 billion! with a “B”! views each month), StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, Care2 (for nonprofits and causes), GoodReads (books), Ravelry (knitting), Newsvine (news/politics) and many, many more Guest Blog (and Accept the Guest Posts of Others)
When you’re first starting out, it can be tough to convince other bloggers to allow you to post on their sites OR have an audience large enough to inspire others to want to contribute to your site. This is when friends and professional connections are critical. When you don’t have a compelling marketing message, leverage your relationships – find the folks who know you, like you and trust you and ask those who have blog to let you take a shot at authoring something, then ask them to return the favor.