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Avatarmaribeldill17 asked 12 months ago
AvatarVinay Sharma replied 12 months ago

Featured Opt-In Incentives
These days, it’s rare to find a high-traffic website that doesn’t have some type of featured opt-in incentive. This could be an Ebook, swipe file, white paper, resource list, free software tool, or any number of content types, but all of them serve as opt-in incentives for acquiring email subscriptions.

The difference between this and the previously mentioned Content Upgrade is that Featured Incentives aren’t linked to a specific blog post. Most websites create one high-value opt-in incentive and then advertise this same incentive via their:

lead capture top-bar
opt-in popups
blog post footer
author bio
The advantage with this strategy is efficiency. You only have to create a single piece of content, and you can then utilize this content at every turn. This is a much more palatable option for small business owners who don’t have the bandwidth in their schedules to produce upgraded content for each blog post.

AvatarGiriraj Yadav replied 12 months ago

First, You Need Good Email List Software
When you want to build an email list, you need good email marketing software. And right now, after carefully considering each email marketing service provider, I can confidently say I love Drip by Leadpages.

Here’s why:

In my experience, there are two types of software. Software that makes things complicated and software that makes things easy. Drip makes things easy. Especially if you want to automate your email marketing.


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Now, yes, that’s an affiliate link. But I truly believe it’s a remarkable product, especially for small businesses, bloggers, online business owners, and more.

AvatarAbhishek Sharma replied 12 months ago

Include a link to your newsletter signup form in the main navigation bar of your website or blog. (Or better yet, include a signup form in the main navigation bar).
Create a signup call to action button on your Facebook business page.
Create enticing visuals encouraging people to sign up for your list, and post them on social media channels (especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).
Attend or exhibit at a trade show or networking event and bring a newsletter email signup clipboard or book. If you’re tech-savvy, bring an iPad or mobile device with you. Ask each person you talk with to sign up. Do the same for any business cards you receive.
Include a link to your newsletter signup form in your personal email signature.
Place a newsletter signup clipboard next to every register if you have a retail store. Have your employees mention the newsletter and emphasize the benefits (exclusive discounts, events, educational info, reminders, etc.)
Join your local chamber of commerce, email the member list (if it’s opt-in) about your services, and include a link to sign up for your newsletter.
Host your own event and request attendees to join your newsletter.
Offer a birthday club, and give something special to those who sign up.
Incentivize your employees. Give them financial rewards for adding new subscribers to the newsletter.
Give something away like samples, a tour, a consultation, a free how-to guide, an infographic or a how-to video, and have