How To Get Likes On Facebook

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Avatarmasonkevin asked 1 year ago
AvatarAashish Kumar replied 1 year ago

In a poll by the Content Marketing Institute, 81 percent of marketers said that interactive content (like contests) is better for grabbing readers’ attention than static content.

Even better, liking a post is a popular form of contest entry—and one that’s allowed under Facebook’s contest rules (unlike “share to win” contests, which, while popular, are technically prohibited). For example, Funko got nearly 7,000 Facebook Likes on this like-to-enter contest:To start collecting more Facebook Likes with a contest of your own,

AvatarYuvraj Singh replied 1 year ago

How to get more like on facebook post? First of all this question has no any precise or appropriate answers, because it completely depends on the viewers whether they have like it or not, you have no control on that. But still there are some factors which will improve you likes ratio like-
– Increase your followers, simple fact more the number of your followers more will be your likes.
– Post high quality images.
– Add appealing filters to your photo
– Add a caption or description to your post

AvatarYuvraj replied 1 year ago

Engage with other brands and communities on Facebook
Remember that Facebook is primarily a social network—so get social and start engaging with other brands that are relevant to your niche but not your direct competitors. A simple Like or comment on another brand’s post can help draw their attention and open up opportunities to work together to cross-promote your businesses so you both gain more Facebook Likes. Tagging other brands may also expose your Page to a new audience (that other brand’s followers)—but only use tags in relevant posts.

Look for communities of potential followers to engage with, too. Facebook Groups are a great place to find people who are passionate about subjects related to your niche, and offer you the opportunity to highlight your expertise. Just make sure your participation in Facebook Groups is helpful, rather than promotional, or you might find yourself kicked out of the group.