How To Get More Instagram Likes

Social Media QuestionsHow To Get More Instagram Likes
Avatarfrankiegladney6 asked 1 year ago
AvatarSatendra replied 1 year ago

How to get more like on instagram post? First of all this question has no any precise or appropriate answers, because it completely depends on the viewers whether they have like it or not, you have no control on that. But still there are some factors which will improve you likes ratio like-
– Increase your followers, simple fact more the number of your followers more will be your likes.
– Post high quality images.
– Add appealing filters to your photo
– Add a caption or description to your post
– add location to your post to make it more informative

AvatarManhar Reddy replied 1 year ago

Tell a Story With Your Caption
Captions are a very important part of your Instagram post. Unlike Twitter, Instagram does not have a character limit, but there is a limit before users will have to start scrolling.

Telling a story with your caption lets your followers get to know you a bit more. The best combination is having an amazing photo and a killer caption to go with it.Use a Consistent Filter
Being consistent in your filtering scheme is one the biggest keys to building your Instagram identity. It’s kind of having a theme, so pick one or two filters and stick to them.

Consistency will make your photos recognisable on your followers feed which increases recognition and that leads to more likes.

AvatarNidhi Sharma replied 1 year ago

Take & Post High Quality Photos. You need to put some effort into the photos and videos that you post on Instagram. …
Tell a Story With Your Caption. …
Be Yourself. …
Colours Can Impact Likes. …
Be Unique. …
Stand For Something. …
Appeal to a Wider Audience. …
Invite Guest Poster or Take Over Another Account.