How To Get Your Snapchat Score Up

Social Media QuestionsHow To Get Your Snapchat Score Up
Avatarkristiethx asked 12 months ago
AvatarSimran Kaur replied 12 months ago

The first thing to do is to send regular texts/snaps/videos to your friends. It could be a teaser video or a discount coupon or just greetings for the day. Do it. Send out a couple of snaps daily to your list. Not only are you on their mind everyday for sending out relevant content, you’re also increasing your score by 1 for each snap you send out per person.The best way to send out multiple snaps through-out the day to increase your score and not risk annoying the people on your list is to follow a bunch of celebrities and send it all out to them by marking them in a group, as many times as you please. Being celebrities, they would never be opening your snaps anyway. So, no one gets annoyed by your numerous Snaps and you’re winning at that Score!