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How To Increase Twitter Followers

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Social Media QuestionsHow To Increase Twitter Followers
leavesfall asked 3 years ago
replied 3 years ago

Be active most of the time, and post relevant and interesting content, catching the interest of the audience.
If you are having your own website or blog then insert twitter link button on your webpage, whoever will like your content, will most probably hit the button.
If you are having any YouTube channel then there also you can promote your page among audience requesting them to follow your page.
Promote yourelf on other social media platforms like facebook, google+ etc. Promote your Twitter account on all your marketing materials. This includes your business cards, brochures, signs etc.

Divyanshi Soni
replied 3 years ago

Reply to people who mention you
Ensuring that no mention of your Twitter handle goes ignored will show that your account is active and engaging with people, which may entice new people to follow you.Many people might be mentioning you on Twitter without using your Twitter handle. To capture those mentions as well, set up a Hootsuite keyword search stream for different variants of your company name that people may be using in their Tweets. You can track up to three within one stream. Participate in Twitter chats
Because Twitter is a real-time platform, it offers engagement opportunities that other social networks don’t. For example, participating in (or hosting) a live Twitter chat with a large audience.

Twitter chats can generate a lot of conversation and visibility for your Twitter account, which can help attract new followers. Using a shared hashtag, users meet at a predetermined time to talk about an issue, industry, or trend. These chats can also help generate valuable feedback for your business and build stronger connections with your foll

How To Get 100 Followers a Day on Instagram?
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Chinmay Soni
replied 3 years ago

Follow these tactics:- Twitter now features visual content more prominently by auto expanding the images in your tweets, so accompanying your content with an image is more important than ever.Stunning visuals will go a long way to help your updates stand out amongst the other tweets in your followers’ text-dominated Twitter streams. In fact, studies show that tweets with image links get two times the engagement rate of those without. When tweeting links, never give too much away about the content in the body of your tweet. If a reader can guess the entire story simply from reading your tweet, why would they click your link to read more? Frame your tweets to highlight both the benefit of the content and to generate curiosity. And speak plainly, eliminating the use of complicated words. One way to tease your audience is to ask a question that begs for an answer

Khushboo Sharma
replied 3 years ago

Promote your Twitter account on your other social media accounts. For best results, entice people by mentioning interesting discussions you’re engaged with on Twitter.
Tweet on the weekends. Dan Zarrella’s research indicates brands get 17% more engagement on the weekends than during the week.
Reference users in your tweets. When replying to or mentioning other users, be sure @mention them. People are much more likely to engage with your tweets when they’re mentioned by name.
Use a follow button on your website or blog. Why not make it as easy as possible for your website visitors to find you?
Tweet motivational or inspirational quotes. These are great for getting retweets.
Respond publically when your response would be useful to others. Instead of direct messaging responses to public questions, share your knowledge publically, @mentioning the person who asked.
Include a link to your @username in the author bio of your guest posts.
Listen in on relevant conversations: Using a tool like Social Mention, find out what other Twitter users are saying about your brand, products or industry. Respond or answer questions where appropriate.

Kranti Sharma
replied 3 years ago

follow people back
Ask a handful of social media managers about this topic and you’re bound to hear conflicting opinions. When people follow you on Twitter, should you follow them back no matter what? We’re leaving this one up to you. But here are some pros and cons from both sides:

PRO: An equal “following-to-follower” ratio may entice new people to follow you, because they’ll assume you will follow back.

CON: There’s a good chance these people only followed you to gain a follower themselves, and they don’t actually care about what you have to say.

PRO: Following back those who follow you is a nice gesture, and can help your Twitter account come across as friendly and accessible to a large audience.

CON: Following too many people can make your home feed noisy and overwhelming. Even though Hootsuite streams can help ensure you don’t miss anything, you may still want to be a bit selective about who you follow back.If you want more Twitter followers, find people you think would be interested in your business and follow them first. Many people will return the favor, especially if your profile clearly communicates what you’re all about. This way, you’ll be attracting new followers that will actually engage with you, share your content, and potentially become customers or advocates down the road.

replied 2 years ago

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