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AvatarIBLInfotech asked 1 year ago
AvatarLeksy replied 1 year ago

Live-tweeting is about sharing what people are saying at an event, as it unfolds. It’s very different from regular, everyday tweeting. Live-tweet requires participants to take part in the hearing, followed by #(hashtag)events. So anything you tweet during this time has the potential to get attention and make an impact. First decide the purpose of live tweet it can be an event, or some important information anything. Inform your followers that you will be live-tweeting. Choosing and promoting a good hashtag is very important when live-tweeting an event, choose a hashtag which is short, memorable and easy to type on mobile keyboard. You tweet should be informative abou the topic, don’t stretch the tweet, keep your short and sweet, allow participants to ask questions, and appreciate the good comments.

AvatarDeepak gautam replied 1 year ago

Define the objectives and goals of your live tweet activity and describe the target audience properly. You will know the right posts and content to place once you?ve properly defined these. Engage with your target audience and be quick to reply to questions and inquiries.

Since you?re doing a live tweet, you have to time the posts properly. Provide information as these happen to keep interested followers updated about developments in the program. Of course, it is needless to say that the tweets you make are accurate and timely.

You can do a live tweet for events like big sporting events, concerts, marketing campaigns, political campaigns and major shows. Twitter only allows up to 140 characters maximum so use words in your posts carefully.

AvatarChinmay Soni replied 1 year ago

This is an obvious one, but easy to forget: Make sure you have the correct work logins and check before you leave the office. There’s nothing worse than discovering you have the wrong password on-site and e-chasing your social media manager.Read your company’s social media style guide before you tweet anything from the company account. Create Awareness Ahead of Time.Identify Yourself.Have an Agenda Keep the Event Information On-Hand.Take Photos and Engage.Review Results
And, be careful before tweeting anything funny or “trendjacking.” Something seemingly innocuous could prove to be anything but.Whether you’re at a conference or a concert, live tweeting can be a rewarding way to engage with others around you and to share your experiences with your network. And with Twitter’s recent Project Lightening launch – which allows users to follow a curated timeline of photos, tweets and multimedia from specific events – live tweeting is only going to become a more significant aspect of Twitter.

AvatarPriya Meena replied 1 year ago

Choose a hashtag and promote it.
Assign one person to be in charge of social media for the event.
Write and schedule tweets promoting the event.
Create templates ahead of time.
Write and schedule tweets that will go out during the event.
Expect technical difficulties and have a back-up plan.
Use the event’s hashtag in every single live tweet.
Make yourself aware of unofficial hashtags.
Interact with your Twitter audience.
Include speakers’ Twitter handles when quoting them.
Get a good seat at speaker sessions.
Listen for sound bites to add to those template images.
Take pictures of attendees and tweet them.
Compile the best tweets from the session.
Keep interacting with your Twitter audience.
Assess engagement on each of your tweets.

AvatarRanveer replied 1 year ago

Check Twitter to know if there are other similar and existent hashtags. Some people realize that there are already live tweets or trending topics about the same event. It?s possible to have more than one hashtag talking about the same topic. Picking the right and catchy words will bring in more people. Use capital letters as necessary.

Start posting and providing relevant details to invite others to join the conversation. Also give a short description on what the event or hashtag is all about. You can share photos and tag others to promote the hashtag.

Provide 5 to 10 tweets initially to establish ground, and then follow them up with posts spaced 10 to 20 minutes apart or as something interesting or quotable statement comes up . Strike the balance between providing exciting and interesting messages and being regarded as a spammer. Using the right number of posts as well as improving the content will add value to your tweets.

AvatarYuvraj replied 1 year ago

Live tweeting to be done when you have more followers or to get followers, you have to be organized before live tweeting of what to tweet like adding images and videos. Tweeting is done on events, meeting and tour to different places that depend on the situation. Tweet in the event in which people mostly are interested in. Think of the content to tweet because it just not about the event to tweet but your brand value, stay on grounds and share event videos to attract followers. Use a particular hashtag, because hastag describes the event like #2k17event, check unique hashtag which is not already used by someone. Hashtag is important for live tweeting. Do live tweeting with some participated in the event it increases impression on the tweet and maintain replying to the questions throughout the tweet. Tweet funny and be to the point of the event, introduce your event frriends, most probably share a group photos of location.