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How To Make A Business Facebook Page

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Social Media QuestionsHow To Make A Business Facebook Page
parvezbaig asked 3 years ago
replied 3 years ago

To make business page on facebook go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. Here you have to choose what type of page you want to create, and the options include are- local business, company organisation, brand, artist, entertainment, and community. Choose your desired option. After selection of your page type, fill your basic information, like your comany’s objective, location, business strategy etc, it should be presentable and informative.
Now it’s time to decorate your page and invite users to your page. Make an attractive cover photo, have a decent profile picture or you can have your logo as your profile picture, share photos and videos of your company. And after all these things facebook provide a feature to measure your page followers growth, just click the “Insights” option in the top navigation to see the following options- overview, likes, visit , reach.

Deepak gautam
replied 3 years ago

This is more like creating the same facebook page. The steps involved are same as creating a simple facebook page. Creating a Facebook business Page is free and takes only a few minutes. Use your desktop or mobile device to easily create an online presence with a Facebook Page. Over two billion people visit Facebook each month1 and your current and potential customers are probably amongst them.
Select a category for your Facebook business Page and name your Page.
Use the About section to tell people about what your business does, as well as your hours of operation, contact details and other information.
Give your Facebook Page visual appeal with a profile photo and cover photo that best represent your business.All right this is the way to create a facebook page. Now you need to target your audience and start selling your products or service. A good fb page can drive you more sales and money into your website.

Faizal Khan
replied 3 years ago
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A quick and easy kick start to your page is to invite all your friends on Facebook.
Relate to your audience, make them laugh, cry and share their thoughts with you. Essentially emotions, whatever your topic is, relate to the emotions/key experiences of that. If it’s skateboards, you could have a picture of a broken skateboard and your status would be, “Wouldn’t you agree this is the worse thing possible!” If it’s about knitting then you’d post on a Saturday morning, asking what people were knitting. If you engage with your audience, they will engage with you.
Times. Be clever. Your insights after some time will give you an indication of when a majority of your fans are online but initially common sense will prevail. In relation to whatever your page is about post at the best times. So for instance a gym page might post on a Saturday morning who is off to the gym or staying in bed because of their hangover.
Using emojis/emoticons, essentially with social media if something can be said in fewer letters or conveyed in a quicker form then it will do better. Using emoticons does just that and you will probably find posts with emoticons on the whole do better than those that don’t.

Ishita Meena
replied 3 years ago

Videos/images/memes/infographics/giphy’s do better on the whole. If it’s funny or convey’s a particular message that people can relate to it will do well. If it can educate or inform people it will do well. If it makes people laugh it will do well. The best way to find some examples of this is to look at posts on Facebook on BIG pages with posts that have 10k/20k likes etc.
Actively engage with your audience. If people comment on your posts and you can engage, then do it. Obviously do this within reason because too much can be detrimental.
Some people dislike this tactic but it certainly works. “Nudge” your audience, and what I mean by that is if you want them to like your post or share it, then tell them to. This could be on the image itself or on the status accompanying it, something to the effect of, “Like” if you relate to this or “Love” this if you agree. I’ll be honest, I stumbled upon this by accident. We recently created an image which said “Share to raise awareness” and it currently has more than 10k shares.
This kind of goes without saying but be current and topical. This will mean creating posts/content to post as and when required.
Keep your eye on what is working on Facebook and social media in general. Emulating what others are doing usually works.

Vishal Kumar
replied 3 years ago

Maybe sometimes you want to post the same post on Facebook as well as the one you posted on Instagram and if you have been clueless about as to how to do it, you would not be clueless about it anymore, just follow the simple steps :

1.)Go to the post you wish to post further,first.

2.) On the top right will be three dots vertically standing together ,tap on that.

3.)Click on the option of “share”.

4.)You will get a choice between three ,tap on the option of facebook.

5.)It will take you to another page-Facebook Login.

6.)Login to Facebook.

7.)Tap on the tick or the option of “Done”.

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