How To Make A Facebook Page

Social Media QuestionsHow To Make A Facebook Page
Avatarbrettvachon326 asked 1 year ago
AvatarManhar Reddy replied 1 year ago

if you have already Created a Page on facebook before than this is going to be the Easiest tutorial for you, For those who don’t have any experience in creating a page , Believe me i will keep it Simple just Follow the Below simple steps.

Step 1: Login to facebook and click on Create pageStep 2: Now Click on Company, Organization or Institution (Not mandatory You can click on any.) and Choose a Category, again you can choose any it doesn’t really matters.

Step 3: Now copy the below characters and paste in the place of name just like shown in below picture and Check the box which says i agree to facebook pages terms.Step 4: Now, Click on Get Started, Give a short description and click on “Save info” now you can click on skip, skip and skip .

Step 5: With this said, We have successfully created a page , But we can see the Characters which we entered earlier, we are making a page without any name or Character. Now in admin panel, click on Edit Page > Edit Settings.Step 6: Click on “Page info” , the first thing you will see will be the Name, Click on Edit and use your Backspace key to Delete everything from the box.

Step 7: Click on Save Changes. If you have done all the steps as explained then you must not get any error.

Step 8: Click on View page to check your Facebook Page without Name.Step 9: Upload a profile picture and Cover photo if you want. Now its Time to Show your Page with No name to your Friends. Try it by Yourself While its Still working.

AvatarHimanshu Agrawal replied 1 year ago

To make page on facebook go to Here you have to choose what type of page you want to create, and the options include are- local business, company organisation, brand, artist, entertainment, and community. Choose your desired option. After selection of your page type, fill your basic information, like your comany’s objective, location, business strategy etc, it should be presentable and informative.
Now it’s time to decorate your page and invite users to your page. Make an attractive cover photo, have a decent profile picture or you can have your logo as your profile picture, share photos and videos of your company. And after all these things facebook provide a feature to measure your page followers growth, just click the “Insights” option in the top navigation to see the following options- overview, likes, visit , reach.

AvatarJai replied 1 year ago

To create a Page:
Go to
Click to choose a Page category.
Select a more specific category from the dropdown menu and fill out the required information.
Click Get Started and follow the on-screen instructions.