How To Make A Mobile Website From An Existing Website

Social Media QuestionsHow To Make A Mobile Website From An Existing Website
Avatarinbetaeu asked 2 years ago
AvatarVarun Meena replied 2 years ago

Tips to make your site mobile friendly-:
– The most simple, if you are using wordpress then switch to that theme which has mobile friendly theme, there are many new updates of themes available in wordpress try it.
– The second option is code yourself. You need to know a bit of coding in order to do so.
– I you can’t code go for a reliable web developer, but this one is the most expensive option.
– Last option, purchasing a responsive template which is a cost effective way to build a mobile friendly site that doesn’t require coding Sites like “themeforest” or “Template Monster” offer thousands of mobile-friendly site templates for a number of content management systems (CMS).

AvatarNihal singh replied 2 years ago

Create a Mobile Version of Your Current SiteThe quickest way to make your site mobile-friendly is to create a mobile version of your desktop site using a conversion platform like bMobilized or Duda Mobile.Use Mobile Plugins on Popular CMS PlatformsThe most popular website content management systems — WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal — all have bolt-on solutions to make your site mobile-friendly without needing two separate versions. Some include additional ways to customize the mobile experience to not only provide the content, but incorporate other features best used on mobile devices.Use a Mobile-first Responsive DesignThe solutions above are just stopgaps until you can redesign your site by deploying a mobile-first strategy using responsive web design practices.Designing the site with a mobile-first approach requires planning about how it will be used on mobile devices — an exercise that helps prioritize what content goes on the site. It also begs the question that, if it isn’t needed on mobile, then should it be on the desktop version?Responsive design furnishes the best possible experience at the mobile level but allows for enhancements to the site’s design and functionality as it increases in screen size.

AvatarBaldev Rajput replied 2 years ago

Responsive Design
Responsive design is a concept where, a single version of your website is optimized for all devices. This is typically achieved using CSS to display the appropriate items and their styles to suit the viewing device. CSS can be used to adjust an HTML element’s size, color, style, etc. It can move elements to a different position on the page or even hide them altogether. CSS media queries can be used to determine different styles based on the size of the user’s window. Using responsive design, your website will often appear to “adjust” itself as you resize your browser.

Responsive design seems to be a very logical way to go about designing your website. Having said this, it can take quite a bit more effort to create a website using responsive design. Also, depending on your website, you might find that responsive design doesn’t quite cater for all your needs.

AvatarRaman Jaitely replied 2 years ago

Mobile Device Detection
A common method of creating a mobile website is to use mobile device detection. This is where you use a server-side script to detect whether the user is using a mobile device or not. If they are, you display your content in a way that is optimized to mobile devices. For example, your mobile version might have smaller (and less) images. Also, the navigation might be positioned differently.

One of the main differences between desktop websites and mobile websites (when it comes to layout) is that, while desktop websites usually have their navigation near the top of the page, mobile websites usually have their navigation at the bottom. The reason for this is simple. Mobile website users don’t want half (or all) of their screen filled up with the same navigation every time they view a new page on your website. Imagine if a user decides to view say, four pages on your website. Now, imagine them getting annoyed at you – because every time they view a new page, they have to scroll down just to view the article!