How To Make Youtube Videos

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Avatarbelindamcwilliam asked 1 year ago
AvatarDeepak gautam replied 1 year ago

First decide on what topic will your videos be based on. It could be comedy, science, music, tutorial, games, etc.
After you decide your topic, start preparing your content, Like if it’s a comedy show then what will be the content, dialogues, characters, etc.
After that get a camera, It’s not necessary that it should be High definition of high resolution no, it could be the camera of your Smartphone also, but the picture quality and the sound must be clear.
Remember, your content should not be dirty or harming the norms of the society or a group.

AvatarRajendra Sharma replied 1 year ago

Use a video camera for optimal performance. You can find decent-quality video cameras for under $50 on Amazon, or you can spend around $120 on a high-quality video camera. Video cameras typically have better display quality than a smartphone or webcam.
Most modern video cameras have a removable SD card that can be used to transfer videos from the camera to the computer. Double-check to ensure that your selected camcorder has an SD card before purchasing it.
Avoid using VHS camcorders or Super 8 cameras, since transferring their information to a digital format on your computer is more hassle than the limited video quality is worth.Record content that is on your computer monitor. This can be accomplished by downloading 3rd party software that will allow you to record your screen. If you’re recording tutorials or video game footage, you’ll want to use such a program.
Some notable options for recording your monitor are: Hyper Cam, Open Broadcast Software, XSplit, and CamStudio.
You can always purchase software to record your screen as well. Many programs also give you the option to live stream your content, so keep that in mind when searching for software.

AvatarVishal Kumar replied 1 year ago

Try writing up a script. While optional, doing this before settling on a video genre will help determine the kind of video you wish to record.
Consider using a current trend for a video. YouTube hosts videos from millions of users, but some types of video are more popular than others:
Video blogs, or “vlogs,” are regularly-updated video series featuring the creator talking about whatever is on his or her mind, usually for 10 minutes or less.
Video game-related videos attract a fair amount of traffic, especially if you cover recent releases.Make a video for a personal purpose. If you’d like to share an experience with friends or relatives who can’t be there to live it with you, YouTube is a great way to bridge the gap.