How To Manage Facebook Business Page

Social Media QuestionsHow To Manage Facebook Business Page
Avatartraceydonnelly5 asked 1 year ago
AvatarNaman Sharma replied 1 year ago

Access Your Facebook Pages
There are a few ways to access your Facebook pages. To see all of the pages you are linked to as an administrator, editor, moderator, advertiser or analyst, go to your Pages bookmarks. From there, click on the link to the page you want.Navigate Your Page Menu
At the top of your Facebook page, there’s a menu to direct you to the main features of your page. You should see this menu when logged in as your personal profile or as your page. Configure Page Settings
Your page’s settings allow you to control everything from visibility to admin roles and more. Access settings on the right-hand side of the top page menu.Facebook pages include many tools to help marketers and business owners get the most out of their business presence.You can only reply to messages your page has received. You cannot send messages (as your page) to people who have not messaged you.