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FrankByMonster asked 3 years ago
Piyush Sharma
replied 3 years ago

To promote your blog first thing you need is quality writing, you cannot write anything irrelevant or unspecific just to grab audience, you must know quality writing and what audience wants from you.
If this first thing is clear then move ahead.
Promote your blog in social media sites, provide a link to friends and followers. Sometimes post something on other’s blog also which is called “guest blogging”, this will help you to build your followers which are out of your reach only if they like your content. Comment on other bolgs also and always provide your link in that comment. Invite people you know by sending them emails, prepare a list of email of the people you know and send them an inviting letter.

Yash Singh
replied 3 years ago

The first and most important part of getting traffic to your blog is to have great content. Cover an existing topic in a new way. If your blog post doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, you’re going to have a tough time promoting it. The first option is the most difficult to do. In most cases, the topic you want to write about has already been covered. But if you’re in a new industry, or you have an opportunity to be the first to write about something, go for it! The second and the third options are where most good blog posts land. Doing a better job than everyone else can mean going more in-depth, or it can mean simplifying the topic. Do whatever is going to provide value for readers.
Another way you can make a topic better is to cover it in a new way. This could be writing from a different perspective, using more visuals, providing a new opinion, or connecting the dots in a unique way.

Aashish Soni
replied 3 years ago
How To Get 100 Followers a Day on Instagram?
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Publish Longer Content: Research has shown that Google and other search engines give preference to longer, comprehensive articles; research by serpIQ that analyzed top 10 results for over 20,000 keywords came to the conclusion that Google ranks content that have more than 2,000 words better than content with fewer words.
Research by Buzzsumo, in a partnership with Moz, which analyzed over 1 million articles, found that articles that are 3,000 – 10,000 words get twice as many shares and 3 times the links content that have fewer than 1,000 words get. The screenshot below shows the average shares and links articles analyzed get based on their word count.the top reasons why his blogs get a lot of traffic is because he writes in-depth and comprehensive articles; the average article on Neil’s blog ranges from 4,000 to 8,000 words, and the result is that he ranks for lots of long-tail keywords, which leads to significant traffic on the long run.

Aakash jain
replied 3 years ago

Facebook being one of the largest social interaction platforms,with an audience of millions ,here targeting an audience becomes important.

Here’s how you can do it :

1.) Use website retargeting and target all the people who have visited your sales website but haven’t reached the thank-you page of your checkout process.

2.) Target by education level, income level, home ownership, life events, buying habits and more.

3.) Use the option of “local awareness ad”, which is available in the Facebook Ads Manager, specifically target people in your area who are on their phone whether they live in your area or are just passing through.

4.) Specify which hours of the day your ads run regardless of which time zone, select Lifetime Budget in the Ad Set area.

5.) Display ads to the audience who has not seen your ad that day.

Abdul Khan
replied 3 years ago

Start an Email List: Ask most successful bloggers what the top source of traffic to their blog is and they’ll tell you that email is in the top 3. Highly successful blogger Darren Rowse always record a traffic spike (the kind that almost doubles his blog traffic) whenever he sends an email to his list about a new blog post (see a screenshot of one of his traffic spikes below).Email is such a powerful medium for generating traffic that many bloggers vouch for it; the reason is simple, all things being equal, your email list will only keep growing and rarely decrease. Even more, unlike your blog traffic that can fluctuate, you have access to a database of the people on your email list and can always email them.

The best email management tool is constant contact. I recommend you sign up and start building your list immediately. You can get a 20% discount if you purchase here. Don’t wait.Guest Blog: One of the fastest ways to grow your blog is by writing for other people’s blogs; in other words, you can look for a blog that is much bigger than yours and write an article for that blog. You’ll be allowed to have a bio that includes a link to your site in your guest post. This can result in a lot of traffic for you.

How To Get 100 Followers a Day on Instagram?
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