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Avataralisiarustin753 asked 1 year ago
AvatarVineet Sharma replied 1 year ago

Targeting business owners is the main point of marketing, if a site reach business owners or comes in to sight of owners, it would bounce some traffic to the site. Using facebook, twitter and other best social media is the trigging action of reaching business owners, Advertisments in social media will gather a lot of viewers to site. blogging is one of the main things followed by marketers, if the site comes into or viewed by business owners it would be referenced by them for further development. Ecommerce business is also a best approach where you can reach max of customers, that would be luckly small or big business owners and may succeed your plan. Emailing, cold calling are other approaches of reaching business owners but owners would not respond to emailing as it will ber inboxed under spam section. Direct meeting may not always work because getting chance to reach a owner may not work, as you should pass over managers to meet the owners.

AvatarIshita Bhardwaj replied 1 year ago

The best channels to connect with small companies are pull marketing based. Pull marketing makes yourself visible to prospects when they are already looking for what you are selling. Examples include your website, social media and public relations. Content marketing is also crucial because it shortens the sales cycle and helps you compete effectively against larger competitors. Instead of pushing your offer at them, you allow prospects to self-discover and self-qualify.Leveraging the syndication of relevant, niche publications and authoring expert, thought leadership-type content is a great way to get in front of small businesses and generate services leads. Speaking opportunities are also a great lead channel. If you can’t crack the conference circuit, you can sign up to speak at local meetups (again, positioning yourself as a thought leader/topic expert) to reach SMBs.

AvatarVishv Singh replied 1 year ago

As someone who is selling website services, your website and online marketing including social media, blogging, advertising needs to be your focus, especially if you are selling internationally and not locally. There is nothing worse than seeing a company that is in online marketing have poor online marketing and if you go to some web development sites, you will know what I mean – some of them have the worst sites. Cobblers kids answer doesn’t cut it today.

You need to show not only clients but those who could be potential partners (such as consultants, marketing companies…etc) that your services and your expertise is worth investing in for their business and their clients.

It is more difficult for those who are not local to sell to small business owners at times, as trust is a problem and so many of them have been taken advantage of by web and technology companies – so you need to be able to prove you know what you are doing, you can provide them a well developed site that will get them business as that is the ultimate goal.

Your website needs to be found, you need to blog, you need to be on social media, and until you are found on Google – you most likely need to pay for Google Adwords, or utilize the Social Media advertising.

AvatarMichael replied 1 year ago

Be cooperative
Find the top 100 people that you want to contact and get in the inner circle
Then find out everything about them, what they do, how successful they are, how they go to the top.
Then send them a direct message telling them you are a big fan of them and love how they become successful. Quote one specific thing to each person about their success.
Then in the same message ask them if you can get on the phone with them for 5 minutes to learn more about how they became successful.
Be prompt in calling them when they reply.
Do this for another 100 people. Keep growing the people you talk to.
Here’s the great thing, people love to talk about themselves.

If you tell them you want to learn about how they become successful they will be more prone to talk to you then if you say, I want to contact you. Or I want to learn from you.

You just want to talk – and you want to talk about their success. Nothing else.

If the conversation goes in another direction when they are talking, that’s great. Let it. But before it does, you just want to talk about them.

AvatarShubham Mathur replied 1 year ago

Always call first and try to set an appointment before going there. It will save you a lot of time, especially if you are saying that the business owner is not there.

2. Depending on your company profile, you could associate yourself with a larger company. For example, if you are an IT consulting company and specialize in Telephony, you might want to present yourself as Cisco partners. They tend to be more receptive to such names as they have already engaged with these brands rather than accepting a call from another unknown company trying to sell them something.

3. Calling after working hours will help

4. Be extremely confident when dealing with receptionist. Act as if the business owner is expecting your call. Try to suggest that during your conversation with the gatekeeper.

5. If e-mail is available, sending an e-mail 1-2 days before making the call will help.

6. Ensure that you never sound salesy. Have a more helping approach and try to establish report first rather than start with your salesy pitch.

7. Never disclose the reason of your call to the receptionist or someone else.

8. Always try to find out their name before calling them or visiting them. You will give the impression that you know them and it will facilitate your access to them.

AvatarSunil Mathur replied 1 year ago

How the average business owner connects

Typically, small business owners take the opposite approach. They focus on numbers, not value. Most commonly, they attend networking groups and connect with other business owners… who are only in that same networking group because they too are struggling.

As a result, they end up with lots of low value business contacts. They lack the type of influential connections, which are required in order to grow a successful business.

So, when they need new clients or have a significant business problem, their equally struggling contacts are unable to help.

Make the power of association work for you

There’s another important reason not to network with struggling business owners.

I’ve found that time and again, those who associate with business owners who are going nowhere, tend to find their own business heading in the same downward spiral. It’s the same power of association we saw at school, when a good kid started hanging with the wrong crowd and soon saw their grades drop.

Fortunately, the power of association works both ways.Stop focusing on the numbers. It’s all about value

As people, we are all of equal value. However, in business, our commercial value differs vastly. Successful business networking is about connecting with the right people.