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AvatarDrTinaGupta asked 2 years ago
AvatarTarun replied 1 year ago

Include an image
Tweets with images can generate 35% more Retweets (source) than tweets without. Other studies put this figure much higher; some as high as 100%
An image gives you the space you don’t have in 140 characters to outline further details of the competition, and most importantly illustrate the prize entrants can win
Your image dimensions should fit Twitter’s in stream image preview (which means users don’t have to click away to see all of it). The most recent (2014) Twitter in stream image dimensions are from 440 x220px up to a maximum of 1024×512, with an aspect ratio of 2:1Include terms and conditions
140 characters is not sufficient to describe your promotion and include terms and conditions. An end date is not enough
Sometimes they may blindly point at an @ mention, or deliberately select a popular Twitter user
Draw your giveaway fairly, and tell your users how. They’ll be more inclined to enter and share. ASA (UK) complaints relating to unfairly drawn Twitter promotions have in the past been upheld
If your mechanic is a giveaway/sweepstake (i.e. a random prizedraw, not judged) services like Tweetdraw are useful examples of how to draw your winner more fairly

AvatarBaldev replied 1 year ago

Celebrate With a Giveaway
Maybe you’ve reached a major milestone like your one millionth follower, or perhaps you’ve just celebrated your company’s birthday. Whatever the cause may be, sometimes it’s just fun to reward followers with a giveaway.Manage Your Twitter Contest
Perhaps just as important as the type of contest you run is how you manage that contest. The potential of winning a prize tends to garner a lot of engagement. You need to be sure that you’re ready to deal with the influx of interactions your Twitter account will receive. Fortunately we have tools that’ll help keep you on track.

AvatarVishal Kumar replied 1 year ago

1. Choose a Contest Type
To start, you’ll need to choose what type of Twitter Contest is right for your marketing goals:If your goal is to get new Twitter followers or increase your email list, then a simple Sweepstakes is best. It poses a low barrier to entry to entice more entrants. If your goal is make immediate sales, then running a group deal or coupon will serve you best to get entrants buying right away. If you are looking for more engagement, then user-generated content (ugc) contests, such as a photo, essay or video contest may serve you best.2. Choose a Prize:
The prize is very important in a contest. It is often the motivating factor as to whether a prospective customer will enter or not.Keep your prize related to your business. Why? A business related prize keeps the motivation to enter related to you, your product, or your service.3. Build your contest
The contest entry page needs to be both simple, and exciting. It must get people motivated about the contest and prize, and make it easy to enter. Here are 5 elements of an entry page for a contest on Twitter:4. Promote and share your contest
With your contest set up, it’s time to promote it. There will be organic growth from entrants sharing with friends, but you will need a few promotional boosts in the beginning to create the initial seed.5. Monitor your contest
For every contest, you may have different goals and outcome expectations. Whether your objective is to gain more email leads, increase retweets, or develop new Followers, monitoring your contest will give you better results.

AvatarChinmay Soni replied 1 year ago

First of all choose a Contest Type. You will need to choose what type of Twitter Contest is right for your business, it may be to attract more people, or to promote your products etc.
Choose a Prize: The prize is very important in a contest, set a prize which will attract your followers. Keep your prize related to your business.
Build your contest : The contest entry page needs to be attractive, and exciting. It must get people motivated about the contest and prize, and make it easy to enter. Use an attention grabbing title, include the image of your prize, and include eligibility and criteria information.
Promote and share your contest- share you contest with your friends and your followers. Invite your customers by sending them email. Promote your contest on social media. Build a twitter ad.

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witter Contest Ideas
Every marketing campaign needs clear objectives, especially with contests. There’s potential to garner a lot of engagement here, and that’s not something you want to waste with a spur-of-the-moment contest. Really think about what you’d like to achieve.

Twitter contests can:

Increase traffic to your website.
Collect sign-ups or subscriptions.
Generate more leads.
Increase followers and brand mentions.
Each of these objectives can be achieved using one of the contest ideas below.Tell Your Story
Twitter contests, while certainly valuable for engagement, can double as vehicles for your brand’s story. Consider this example from the textbook rental company,

AvatarHimanshu Agrawal replied 1 year ago

Gain User-Generated Content
Not only do the Tweets and mentions you receive from Twitter contests further your engagement, but they also contribute to your content strategy.

You can run a photo contest like Chegg did above, or you can design your contest around photo captions or short stories. Mashable, for example, held a contest (with clear rules) to debut B.J. Novak’s short story collection. Participants had to compose a short story in 140 characters along with the hashtag #mashreads.This was a very creative way to promote the author and his upcoming book. It also got people to engage with Mashable while giving the company extra content to Tweet out. As you receive submissions, you can integrate the best ones into your content queue. This way you’re filling up your content calendar while acknowledging those who engage with you.