How To Set Goals To Increase Our Business

Social Media QuestionsHow To Set Goals To Increase Our Business
Avataralberthashepard asked 2 years ago
AvatarSatendra replied 2 years ago

Business success isn’t just a matter of a healthy bank account; think about what you really want to accomplish, no matter how outlandish it seems at first thought and set your specific goals accordingly.

(Think of Elon Musk, for instance, and his goal of establishing a human settlement on Mars. It seems outlandish now, but he’s set the goals and is working towards it.)

A goal doesn’t have to be sweeping to be valuable; small goals are worth working on, too, because they can lead to big changes. For instance, “One month from now, I will work three hours less a week BY becoming better organized”, is a perfectly acceptable specific goal.

Use this same specific goal setting formula in all your business planning, and you’ll quickly see an increase in the number of goals you accomplish – and more success

AvatarChinmay Soni replied 2 years ago

Setting Goals for Business Success
Before you can set specific goals designed to increase your business success, you need to know what you mean by success. I personally think that success means enjoying what you do, to the point that your work energizes you and creates happiness that spills over to your personal life. But what does “increased business success” mean to you?

Perhaps it is to start a home-based business to improve your work-life balance and have more time to spend with your family, or having more energy to tackle your many tasks. Is it becoming more professional and developing more confidence so you can sell your product or service more successfully or try something new?

Or is it making your business more environmentally friendly, or improving your customer service?