How To Setup A Facebook Account For Me

Social Media QuestionsHow To Setup A Facebook Account For Me
Avatarjohnmiller061 asked 2 years ago
AvatarAjay Verma replied 1 year ago

Setup your personal facebook account by visiting the facebook homepage, it involves 4 main steps for facebook setup. you must be atleast 13 years old to setup a facebook account.Only one facebook account can be created for single email address. In step 1, you have to fill basic details regarding name, mail, new password, DOB and gender. In step 2 if all the provided information is correct , it sends an verification email to the address provided. It checks the details before sending the mail. Step 3 involves setting up the profile image immediately after account creation. Add your friends in the facebook or search them with their names and send request to them. Profile image helps in viewing who you are for others to communicate with you. Step 4 involves changing your setting to enable notification to your mobile number provided and enabling some tools or switching insights of the account. Start posting videos or photos or some other content of any event to get likes or views from your friends. Create a event and invite friends to the event where you can communicate in that event.

AvatarJames clark replied 1 year ago

The type of campaign decides what actions are required for and will be charged accordingly.

1.)Charges will be included on the number of clicks to your website that are acquired for that campaign.

2.)Followers you get through the campaign are another cost you will be paying for.

3.) You will only be charged for engagements on your Promoted Tweets.

4.) The Clicks to install or open your app that you acquire from the campaign will be one more thing you will be paying for.

5.)Another thing you will have to budget for is, charges for video views from that campaign

AvatarAlex replied 1 year ago

To create a Facebook account:
Go to
Enter your name, email or mobile phone number, password, date of birth and gender.
Click Create an Account.
To finish creating your account, you need to confirm your email or mobile phone number.
Note: you must be at least 13 years old to create a Facebook account.

AvatarVishal replied 1 year ago

Open the Facebook homepage. You will need to be at least 13 years old to create a Facebook account. Facebook accounts are free, but you can purchase things for your Facebook account. You can only create one Facebook account per email address.On the Facebook homepage, enter in your first name, last name, email address, password, birthday, and gender. You must use your real name for your account. Nicknames are allowed as long as they are a variation on your real name. if all of your information is correct, you will be sent a verification email to the address you provided.The first thing you should do after creating an account is add a profile picture. This will allow others to quickly see who you are, making conversations between friends and family easier.Facebook is nothing if you don’t have friends and family to share with. You can search for people by their name or email, import your contact lists, and invite friends that aren’t currently using Facebook.
When you find someone that you want to add, you will need to send a friend invite. Once they accept your invitation, that person will be added to your Friends list.

AvatarGulshan replied 1 year ago

Go to http://www.facebook .com, fill your details in the create free account and then hit the button create account. Then facebook will send a verification code on your mobile number or on your email, whichever you have provided while filling up the sign up form and get verified. After verification process, you are set to create your profile and to send request to your friends. You can put a profile picture, a cover photo, play games, chat with your friends and much more. There is a site which will give you compete guidance of how to set your facebook account just visit “”