How To Share A Video On Instagram

Social Media QuestionsHow To Share A Video On Instagram
Avatarmariewise970303 asked 1 year ago
AvatarVishal Kumar replied 1 year ago

Sharing Animoto videos to Instagram on iOS
Step 1: Log in to the Animoto app. First things first, you’ll want to log in to the Animoto app on your phone. …
Step 2: Select the video you want to share. Tap on the video you want to share. …
Step 3: Send your video to Instagram. …
Step 4: Complete your Instagram post.

AvatarTarun replied 1 year ago

You can post video on instagram longer than 15seconds with the help of some additional apps
– For IOS use App – Continual there is a paid app Continual which automates the whole process. Using this app, all you have to do is select the video and it will automatically split the video into smaller parts of 15 seconds each. After which you can post the multiple videos to your story.
– For android use Vidtrim App- It is available for free on the Play Store. Launch the app and select the video you wish to split. Adjust the start and end markers by sliding your finger. Take care that overall length doesn’t exceed 15 seconds.

AvatarAlex replied 1 year ago

Head to and find a post you’d like to share. Click on the three dot icon on the lower-right corner of the post and choose Embed. You have the option of including the original caption in your Instagram repost; uncheck the box if you’d like to remove it. Click on the “Copy Embed Code” button